Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sometimes you just have to suck it in and ask for help

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
So I wasted my entire day trying to find my wallet which had mysteriously gone missing since Friday.

I turned cushion covers, looked under beds, crawled on my knees around the house peering under every piece of furniture, dug through every trash can, emptied out every single drawer, went through every single article of clothing, flip beds, opened all cupboards, tossing soft toys behind me as I searched, emptied out all my bags, peered into every nook and cranny, shouted, lamented, cried, screamed, moaned, whined and generally making a mess of the entire house and did I find it?


And I desperately need it because in it are my debit cards, social security, ID's, gym membership card, along with other important documents and the last few days without it left me crippled T_______T

I was frustrated, angry, worried, and depressed because hard as I tried, I simply for the life of me couldn't remember what I did with it after I bought myself a burger from the nearby fast food store and only knew it could be at home because I last used my card to let myself in and have not left the apartment since then. I even started to suspect that I accidentally threw my wallet out together with the trash after I finished eating (impossible cuz my wallet weighs a ton but I was watching Toma's drama that time so I could very well be rendered stupid atm) or that a couple who came to my house on Friday stole it (wth as if two 40 year olds would steal a poor student pink wallet but desperation can make you think a flying elephant stole it even) and was ready to dig a deep hole in the ground and wallow miserably in it forever.

In the midst of my desperate search, my mom was all 'why don't you just kneel down and pray? It works.' before launching into one of her 'prayer works' experiences but I just brush her off with a flippant 'WELL OBVIOUSLY GOD DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME CUZ I DID AND WHERE IS MY WALLET?'. Now to be honest, said prayer was mumbled simply while I was busy crawling around trying to find it but what is the difference really? Or so I thought.

And continued spending the next 5 hours turning the house inside out for the 913813714th time yet again.

To no avail.

Till daddy came home just now where I immediately poured out my woes to him only to have him look me firmly in the eye and go 'Hannah, the only thing you have left now is to kneel down and pray. Nothing else. Go to your room now and do it' and so grudgingly (along with a string of skeptical grumbles) I obeyed (because he practically shooed me into my room what).

So kneeling down beside my bed, I started to pray half heartedly and I don't know what is it about kneeling down but you tend to get all emotional suddenly and before I know it sincere cries of utter desperation and hopelessness for help from deep within starts flowing out like a river....

As soon as I said Amen, I stood up, and for no reason why really, decided to flip my sister's pillow yet again for like the 10th time. ONLY this time suddenly I saw, between the crack of the bed and the wall was, you guess it, my missing wallet.


I have no words except tears and laughter at this whole ordeal.

I guess sometimes there really isn't anything you can do but just kneel down and pray. As simple or ridiculous as it may sound, like it did for me, it worked. I really have nothing to say except maybe that being stubborn has just wasted my entire day which could have been better spent studying for tomorrow's quiz. Sigh.

Why yes God, I've learned my lesson now.

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