Sunday, February 22, 2009

I miss my hairdresser :C

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why are there like no decent hairdressers here that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Oh and preferably one who can give me those pretty hairstyles as seen in Japanese fashion magazines?

So I went to a nearby hairdresser today and gave them this pic as reference:

thinking that the very least they can do is follow a picture plus its only layers anyway and maybe a few blasts of hot air from the hair blower but no. Instead what I got was this:

Damn sad I tell you. She completely snipped off all my curls and blew it friggin straight. Oh ok, nearly straight then. No thinning out of the hair too whatsoever T____T

Haa...I only hope I can salvage it with the curler tomorrow :C I miss Ah Choo back in Kuching and wish I was damn rich so I can fly her here and make her my personal hairdresser.

Oh! Bought new sunnies too cuz classes start tomorrow and I need one to shield me from the sun and stupid people :D No, not those branded ones yet because I am still unwilling to part with my newly gotten money and shall only buy one when I get like 5000 bucks. Yes I know I am being what 2nd sis call 'ridiculously idiotic' because I only need 150 bucks for one but HELLO IT'S A PRECAUTION SO I DON'T GET BROKE OKAY.

Dark brown cuz everyone said it suits me better than black. damnit. Was actually looking forward to buying black kinds cuz I think it look way more stylish. And also mysterious, like you're hiding part of yourself from the world :D And to give off the illusion of having beautiful eyes which I do not have :DD Oh and also easier to pretend that you did not see those people handing out fliers that would only end up as rubbish in your bag :DDD

But I love this one lots still because HA IT'S STILL DARK ENOUGH TO HIDE MY EYES ♥

Sunnies = Cheaper alternative to eyelid surgery wth :DDDDDD

Well, until you take it off lol.


Ammy said...


Ammy said...

p/s i am stealing your chio emerald green top when i get there *winky the wink wink*

hana said...


No you will now. I thought you HATED all my outfits anyway if I weren't mistaken. *sniff*

Abi~♥ said...

OMG I LOVE THT TOP!!!!!!! and i love T.O.P.!!!!!!!! haha.

eh.. why u buy sunnies =.= since.....

nvm haha.


Ammy said...


Christine said...

Ouch. Your hair is like, totally different from the reference pic. LoL

hana said...

@abi: HAHA I LOVE THAT TOP TOOOO <3 Its so soft and silky over the skin <333

@ammy: WHAT.

@Christine: I know. You'd think a country as awesome as the US (like hello Hollywood!) would give amazing hair but no. Can't even follow a damned pic :C

Ammy said...

why are you so hostile to me T_________T

hana said...


Abi~♥ said...

HANA PLS UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm running uot of things to read T_______T

Lance said...

Your previous hairdresser in BDC izit? It's about time I go there and let her straighten my hair =D

hana said...



Please ship her to me.