Monday, February 2, 2009


Monday, February 2, 2009

A hilarious clip where its edited so that every time Count Dracula says "count", its beeped. Who knew that misplaced censors can create such funny stuff? XD Now you know that the Count from Sesame Street is actually a closet pervert LOL:

Omg my stomach hurts so from all the laughter XD Thank you Jason for posting this link really you've totally made my day hahahaha *goes off to watch clip again*


Abi~♥ said...

i dunno whether its the internet connection or coz its been raining non stop since dec... but i cant see the video =(

btw you should watch gossip girl!!!!

Cia said...

no EFFING way. see im using EFFING. sorry i just read yr comment on my resolution 2009 like, just now. which was there for, like, a month? anyway.. no abi. hana, u cannot watch gossip girl. its all bout sex and scandal. IN AMERICA. so unless you wanna find out wats actually going on there u better stay far far way from that series.
p.s i shall now refer to you as ru ai in my blog. wtf toodles!!

hana said...

@abi: nah i don't like sexed up teens lol sorry =P

@cia: yes, i am ru ai <3 ignorance shall be my bliss =D and i have an idea what goes on in the states and have no wish to indulge in it =P