Thursday, February 5, 2009

Because the world isn't always a happy place...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So a number of things happened lately that left me frustrated and depressed and I realized that I wanted nothing better than to write my heart out. But writing what I really feel for the world to read and judge is not what I want and so I resorted to LJ where I am completely anonymous but half a dozen entries later, realized that it wasn't fair to my friends in there who were just looking for some flailing buddies and not a whole slew of emo crap.

I have thought about going private but decided against it cuz honestly, the happy outweighs the sad which is only few and far in between. So the only option left is to lock posts. However lousy blogger doesn't give such options which is one of the reasons I'm starting to regret ever using it cuz I am also tired of censoring out my family's faces really. But thank goodness for encoded posts at the very least =)

So here's to friends-locked posts which you've seen before but was only stuff that I decided to seal hours later after someone complains *snorts* but which would now be used for it's true purposes. So just drop me a comment with your email if you want the password. However, bearing in mind that this would be personal posts, you have to at least know me in real life =) Chances are if I'm normally active on your blogs, you'll be given it ^^ However, if you've asked for it and I didn't give it to you, please don't take it to heart cuz it has nothing to do with you as a person and is just because I might have not known you well enough to share my feelings with yet. 98% of my posts would be public anyway so you won't be missing much lol.


Cia said... <<<=== I is kaypo. okok sorry jz sharing the emoness

Abi~♥ said...

but u've been MIA in my blog for quite some time now =(

Ammy said...


putting my email address seems a bit... redundant, since we're BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFs hor hor hor!! *shameless wtf*