Monday, January 5, 2009


Monday, January 5, 2009

Because my debit card is positively weeping with overuse.

Heaven forbid I get my hands on a credit card okay.

I swear I have no idea what has gotten into me because for the past 18 years of my life, I'm known as a squirrel who hoards like no tomorrow and now I'm back in the US and bam my spending habits is spiraling out of control T__________T

I blame all the clothes and shoes and bags and pretty much everything here for being so damn gorgey that I cannot walk out of a shopping mall at any given time without leaving with at least one item. And who could forget the joy of online shopping?

I blame the 4 seasons really. Because only here do you need like 6 pairs of boots. And that is only after much agony and insane slashing over my list. Do not even get me started on pumps, flats, stilettos, flip-flops, espadrilles etc. and that is only shoes mind you.

And all the malls' policy for like changing their entire rack of clothing every 2 weeks with something new, I blame you too. *shifts blame wtb*

So my one and only resolution this year is to spend less.

Yeah, that's it. Spend less. That sounds easy =)

Oh who am I kidding... =C

What I need is uhm.......a job >.<

So I can continue to buy stuff but minus the guilt that comes with it.

Or maybe I should start hunting down all scholarships available =D Though I'm quite sure its meant for your education and not shopping but still......$10,000 shopping spree omg imagine the possibilities 8D

Anyway, my resolution (omg first time ever) for the year 2009 wtb:

1. Get a job

2. Get my elusive driver's license

And then my life would be pretty much complete =)

Okay, so no one's life is ever complete until you're lying in your coffin all stiff, cold and very much dead but you know what I mean.

Shall haul my butt off to hit the freezing sidewalks tomorrow and beg every shop for a job as I 'd skipped winter classes this sem.

Story of my life. Sigh.


Lance said...

just have a mindset that everything you see at the mall are cheap fake goods made from china and u will not buy them.

btw, wats the meaning of "wtb"?

hana said...

@lance: LOL its made in china. All US products are made in either china or mexico XD

But the thing it the quality is gooood at really cheap prices tooooo...

oh it stands for 'what the beep' cuz bah my daddy dun like me using wth -_-

Lance said...

Wuuu...your dad follows your blog. Interesting.

hana said...

I know. Totally sucks if you ask me =C

eiChi said...

i see Lance is showing off his new babe in the profile pic. LOL

omg Hannah~ you're learning Korean~! that's cool! coz soon you're gona master both japanese n korean~! =D

i'm just too lazy to study proper japanese XD

*i wana go to Universal Studios too!!!! O.O'''*

hana said...

@eiChi: Ha I don't really know the thing about mastering Korean because I MIGHT slack off halfway when my Japanese classes starts LOL. I'll be happy if I can speak the basics.

And come to LA and I'll take you there =D

Ammy said...

HANA YOU BITCH!! you refuse to bring me there next year but you geng geng say you'd bring eichi.... i am heartbroken T________T

hana said...

You call me bitch....



Ammy said...