Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Tuesday, January 6, 2009
I think I may have just made the BIGGEST MISTAKE in my life.

Daddy was right (isn't he always? *bitter) and I should have taken Korean instead of Japanese. I wonder if its too late to switch now....

This is because my employment could well be riding on this very fact. In fact, SoCal is pretty much riddled with Koreans it was silly to think that I could escape from the importance of learning it. Well, at least for my city. Unless I move to Arcadia where all the Chinese are but srsly, so not happening anytime soon =C

Plus not only do I get mistaken for being Korean half the time but hello my last name is Sim which is Korean too so I can pretty much fake my way through as one if I could only speak the language. SIGH DAMNITALL I AM SO DOWNLOADING THOSE KOREAN LANGUAGE SOFTWARE NOW.

I've already memorized their alphabets the other day and now all I need is to learn the grammar.

Now where did Soeun go.....

Update: On second thought, no, I'm glad I took Japanese. I don't care but I am so going to Japan to get myself into one of NEWS concert cuz alkfjhaklfhasdf have you seen the fancam of their Tokyo Dome opening?! CUTEST THING EVAR OMG!

I shall just uhm learn Korean from books and through friends =x

But wait....I think I need a job first to make my wish come true? Ah shucks. Life is so difficult and unfair =C


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

haha.. y does ur dad ask u to learn korean instead of jap?

but thru what u say.. quite thru.. half look of korean + surname Sim.. exactly can fake.. haha.. envy~~

hana said...

@kimmy: cuz he says everyone around me is practically Korean. The chinese are all in the other city apparently -.-

lol I personally think you look way more korean than me.

Plus you can SPEAK it. Gosh, I want your brain so I needn't learn. Btw, you know any good korean learning sites?

Lance said...

Google is your best friend! Go look for "how to speak korean" or search for eBooks like "Korean for Dummies". Youtube is another option, practical and effective =D

hana said...



Omg I never thought of that THANK YOU VERY MUCH YO! =DDD

Ammy said...

OI YOU PEOPLE STOP USING THE YO THING!!! IT'S MINE! dammit abi and christine and now you are following me ish kau orang ISH!

but it really is very addictive, no?

hana said...