Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beverly Center

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Went out with my Korean sister, So Eun (yeah yeah might as well be sisters since everyone thinks we are till I'm tired of repeating that not only am I not related but am from a completely different race) to Los Angeles for lunch. To be more precise, I'm living in Pasadena which is an upper class city where richer people (excluding me cuz I am poor *boo) live. It's part of L.A. county so technically to the world, I'm in L.A. but honestly you do not want to live in the real L.A. because its more like a ghetto with shady people. The seemingly glamorous L.A. you see on tv is every other place in L.A. county except L.A. lol.

Anyway, went to Little Tokyo which was.....

...damn disappointing =C

Where are all the Japanese people? So much for scouting hot bishies =C The only remotely interesting thing to see was Japanese magazines all around and go KYAAA LOOK NINO AND RYO IS ON THE COVER!!! I have a feeling the rest of NEWS might be inside too but the stupid magazine was wrapped so tightly I couldn't check. And that was like the only magazine in plastic wrap wth stupid JE don't tell me you even control magazines! Ngiau.

Ahem. But back to topic on hand, lunch:

Tonkatsu Ramen

What the beep the bowl is BIGGER than my face ok! Can feed a family of four including a pet dog omg I feel so wasteful for not being able to finish it but then again it wasn't that tasty seriously, the ones in M'sia tasted way better.

Honestly, it looked like a squid squirted ink all over some octopuses balls (literally).

Taste like it too.

Not that I've ever ate squid ink covered octopuses balls before but if I do, its probably disgusting like this.

Lousy takoyaki too like what the beep its deep fried instead of using the takoyaki machine and tasted like 5 days old egg tofu with chewing gum in the center. Ugh.

Forget about going to Little Tokyo because apparently all Japanese have moved to other areas and Little Tokyo is instead filled with more Koreans it should be converted into Little Korea imo. Much more fitting.

Went to Beverly Center to shop for my belated birthday present and like I said, stupid timeofthemonth decided to strike leaving me in a pissy bad mood cuz my head started to hurt and so does my legs after a while. Sometimes I think it really suck to be female. Did not help that everything in the mall is like probably made of gold what with the insane prices and yet people are still happily swiping their cards every second seriously where is the recession? Not in Beverly Hills apparently.

No pictures of the mall cuz I don't see the point as I'll be living here forever and who takes pics of your own mall? Wait, my friends in Kch do... Well, but I don't because its damn unclassy to snap pics of the mall like some suaku plus I am in a bad mood to begin with so go google it up or find some other touristy bloggers who've been to L.A. ok fine I shut up because I am sounding bitchier by the second.

In fact I shall stop here abruptly because all my initial wit is slowly sapping out of my cells and I'll probably end up sounding really really bitchy when I don't mean to so bye. Shall continue blogging tomorrow when I'm feeling better and less like the shark in JAWS itching to bite anyone and anything in sight.

No really, my cute pink mouse is looking absolutely bite-able atm.

Oh gosh, I need a banana. Or chocolate. Whichever makes me happier.

Before I start mauling people for doing so much as breathe.


Mei-Wah said...

you are living in Pasadena? David Tao's living there too~~ woo, me jeles liao~

hana said...

@mei-wah: OH HE DOES? I don't really know who he is but I'm so gonna stalk him now lol.