Monday, December 29, 2008

I Have Nice Cousins ♥

Monday, December 29, 2008

Look what arrived in the mail today!

Cute Christmas card with shiny DBSK goodies from my dearest cousins I feel oh so warm and crappy now. Warm because you actually took the time to mail me a card (trust me, I was like absolutely delirious with excitement to see my name on an envelope which isn't some shopping bill or bank statement reminding me how much little I'm left with thanks to my zealous spending) and crappy because I am now officially the world's lousiest cousin ever.

Cuz I just got wind that you've been emailing my mom instead of me the whole time and I'm trying to figure out just where did I go wrong lol. I know both of you stalk my blog so gimme your birthdays now so I can mail gifts back =D

Don't worry, I won't give you guys NEWS goodies haha but do give me an idea on what you guys like or not I just might send you both a Yamapi and uhm I forgot who you like (Tegoshi? Massu? Yamapi too?) poster respectively out of impish glee =P

Thank you so much and I miss and love you both oh so much too and srsly, COME HERE DURING THE YEAR-END HOLIDAYS OKAY? By then I'll have my driver license and we can wreck havoc all over SoCal =D

Oi! I have GPS okay so you can stop shrieking now. oh c'mon I wasn't that bad a driver wtb...*grumbles*


Yes I'm working on the Universal Studios pictures now so it'll probably be up by tomorrow. And honestly, blogging isn't so fun anymore now that daddy is religiously stalking both 2nd sis blog and mine (it used to be once in a blue moon or so he says) and I know this cuz an hour ago he went all 'I LOVE MASSU!' whilst looking pointedly at us (I nearly dropped the plate I was scrubbing wtb) before going all 'I've been calling you both for the past minute to no response and as soon as I say Massu I have both of you guys rapt attention srsly hmph you two ar blablabla' wtb. And earlier on he was busy discussing my blog contents........

WTB OKAY. Byebye freedom of speech and fangirly posts on how I want to ra-- do indecent stu-- kidna-- meet *insert idol name of choice*

I am decidedly sadfacey atm =C


JeromeFo said...

You going to stop blogging?

hana said...

@Jerome: Never! There's too many precious memories I want to keep lol. Cuz I'm too lazy to actually WRITE in a diary and print photos out to put in an album lol.