Monday, December 8, 2008

Crystal Cathedral

Monday, December 8, 2008

Aww I didn't know my pink layout was missed so much =3

So anyway, as you can see, it's now
BACK because I too am thoroughly sick of the green one even though its been barely a day or two since the change

This was how my blog looked minutes ago in case you missed it:

Anyway, me and my family went to the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim last Sunday for a Christmas musical and because I am lazy to write much captions simply because I have no idea on what to write I shall just post endless pics

Obligatory in front of building shot

Ha I can finally wear a coat! Oh the joy of 4 seasons

Yes it's entirely glass in case you have not realized that yet


PeterJesus walking on water. Ish I keep thinking its Peter instead.

Peter fell in okay Hannah, get that into your head ish.

I bet the next time I see this pic, I'll go 'Peter!' all over again *sigh*

Who photographs it better?



2nd sis says the same. What okay, I think mine's nicer. In some way. If I can only figure out in what way....

And because I cannot decide which blur pic makes a better blur pic, both:

Blur pic 1

Blur pic 2

We're not allowed to take photos of the musical so, sorry, no pics. But it was awesome!

Okay, so I felt kind of sleepy in the middle. Then again, I am never good at musicals. Music tends to make me sleepy if it's the really good opera kind of singing.

Oh and I change my mind about owning a pony. Or any animals besides Konkon.

Horses really stink. And so do camels, sheeps and donkeys and ZOMG DONKEYS ARE THE CUTEST THINGS EVER!!! Cuter than ponies ok omg the baby donkey totally stole my heart when it PRANCED around the stage braying in this cute little voice ooooh donkeys I hearts you! It's just so round and adorable.

Pic of me photoshopped beyond recognition and 2nd sis with one of the actor

I gave up on photoshoping his red eyes away cuz nothing works with my current noob PS skills so nah, vampire prince.

Which reminds me, I have yet to watch Twilight. Le sigh.


Faye said...

Wow I like that white trenchcoat/jacket thing you were wearing. Winter clothes always look gorgeous.

Faye said...

Ah forgot to add on the photos. Both yours and your dads pictures are good.

Your pic is quite perfectly straight, it shows the geometrical structure of the building quite well. Perspectives well used. The reason it look so good I think has to do with the sky in the background. It goes from a darker shade of blue at the upper rught tip and gradually fades down so it casts the hooked metal structures in bright and dark backgourd light, which is very beautiful.

However the sky is not so prominently shown in your dads pic because he took the building from top to bottom, which features 'distractions' like bushes and people walking. But what I like abot your dads pic is it shows the ground, which emphasizes the sheer height of the building. Also, it's a little slanted, but if he had taken up straight, minus the people walking, I would've liked his shot better.

*cough* Pardon me while attempting to be a pseudo photo critic lol. :P

Nasha said...

ooh like what you're wearing. no chance of me wearing a coat like that in this kinda

you have to wear specs? i thought your vision was always perfect..and to think you gloated about it and now you have to wear specs :p

get the thin lens type la..they don't make your eyes smaller..but its the same you know why i wear contact lenses..

hana said...

@faye: oh thanks =) I absolutely hearts autumn/winter clothes! Spring also lol since its also cold and u can wear many layers =D

Oh and thanks for your input on the pic *am feeling smug* lol. Yes you may critic all you want cuz your recent photos of Aus are bloody brilliant. Such sharpness and aesthetic quality, me loves =D

@Nasha: Don't remind me *gloom

But nvm I only need wear when I cannot see certain words though I admit the world is like waaah damn clear ah! when I do.

Am not allowed to have contacts so bah, am not wearing if i can help it =x

Lance said...

Ur sis is as cute as ever :D

About the two photos, I suggest maybe u stand back a little to let more of the sky in the pic. That will give the building a little more focus cos viewers usually ignore sky cos the sky plays the role of "white space".

Me like girls with specs! cus they r super cute! ^o^/

hana said...

@lance: Bah about my sis. I set her bf on you later LOL.

And okay I shall take in consideration your tip and add more sky in the future =)

And what is so cute about specs? imo, a girl must be like chao chio to be able to look ok in specs since it like, unglify everyone lol.