Monday, December 15, 2008


Monday, December 15, 2008

Guys here are awesome. In terms of manners at the very least.

Always holding open doors for you even when they are busy on the phone, some even opening it before standing aside, letting you past first when you're behind them or even making an effort to walk over and open it for you when you near it.

Always ready to lend you a helping hand or catch you when you fall.

Whoever says that Asian countries are more polite must have never been here. Contrary to what I always assume (that Americans are a selfish rowdy unruly bunch), they (Asians included if they are local born) are in fact one of the most polite people I've ever come across. Quick to apologize for even the tiniest thing such as passing you by when they are like nowhere near blocking your path. Always greeting you happily and wishing you a nice day. Generous on the word 'excuse me' instead of just barging past you like some elephant (oh trust me from where I grew up, people just squeeze past you in hopes of getting through without bumping into you which never works). Quick to offer you help when you need it.

I think a lot of people could learn from them really.

Just a tiny gesture or word can really go a long way and make the world a better place


Ammy said...

hana i waaaaaaaaaaaant!!!! =C

Leira said...

English error: Must have never BEEN here.

XD LoL, i did that just to tick u off. wahaha

K, dont speak on behalf of the people. Guys at my school are differet. waaay different.

Leira said...


Mei-Wah said...

malaysian = good manners?

hana said...

@Ammy: I know. Just today another guy did the same again. I love the people here <3

@Leira: FINE I CHANGE I CHANGE YOU NITPICKING NITPICKER. And you school does NOT represent the whole of CA which is much more well-mannered on the whole.

@Mei-wah: Um no. I never said Malaysians have good manners *snorts* At least for the majority of them. Always pushing and shoving their way through....

Asuka said...

I soooooo agreeeeeee, CA has theeee most polite people ever! You won't find people like those in NY though. So not all Americans are polite especially in NY. = v =