Friday, December 19, 2008


Friday, December 19, 2008
Am like totally tied up with events this holiday season so, slow updates *grins*

Fine. I promise I'll blog something tomorrow after my shopping spree with friends since the list of drafts in my Blogger is growing longer faster that Pinocchio's nose after every lie.

Anyway, something to entertain you:

Click to enlarge to see the words on the keys

LOOK! Keyboard for blondes! HAHAHAHA! 'useless key' wth HAHAHA! Click here for more ditziness lol.

Would type something witty but I'm pressed for time (read: sleep) so, ta-ta~

Cya tomorrow

Maybe =x


Lance said...

LOL! Very Creative! Thx for sharing!

*Presses the "Yes I want it!" key*

hana said...

HA! Want what may I ask? *sly look