Saturday, November 15, 2008


Saturday, November 15, 2008

So I'm updating my blog for the sake of preserving memories honestly blogging is getting a little tiring now where I am getting lazier to jot down every memorable event. But then when I went back into my archives I'm glad I blogged over the years cuz I swear I would have forgotten about all those precious memories. Not to say forgotten exactly but more like never recalling it if no one were to bring it up =X

So me and 2nd sis were given tickets to attend last Saturday's football game. And by football I mean American football with the oval hash brown (it looks like an edible nugget to me ok) ball with white stitches ok and not your black and white soccer ball.

This time round its UCLA (University of Los Angeles) against OSC (Oregon State University) and as you can see from the endless sea of blue, UCLA fans are like everywhere and me, who knows near nothing about football, thinks that UCLA must be darn satt and would win for sure to which I am happy cuz I am so aiming to get into UCLA. Nothing to do with football whatsoever but so what? At least can say your uni has a winning football team.

Unlike its European counterparts, sports in the U.S. is a family event so explains the multitude of people - 83,478 people to be exact. Seats above not filled yet cuz its just the starting =) I shall now teach you the cheer: 'U C L----A, U C L A fight fight fight!' and you pump both your left and right fists in the air with each punctuation of the letters alternately =P

Honestly had no idea they were spelling 'UCLA' out, just in the opposite direction until I read 2nd sis blog -_-' And I find it amusing that the entire stadium of UCLA fans actually went 'BOOOO' when the OSC players came out and whenever they won LOL so much for good sportsmanship I say XD

I knew I was in for a soi day when this obese guy sat next to me who looked as if he was pregnant with a beach ball. Thank goodness his belly is like protruding frontward and not sidewards or not I would be squashed.

Kept screaming and stuff too bah my poor ears. But at least he was more tolerable than 2nd sis side's guy who kept shouting like every 5 seconds I honestly felt like stuffing my popcorn bucket over his head. If I only had a popcorn bucket. The annoying impatient grumpy ah pek gah kept screaming stuff like 'thirty five! thirty five!' every other minute to one point where I actually almost stood up and screamed 'JUST WTH IS 35 DAMNIT' which I didn't and a good thing too cuz 2nd sis told me later that its 'Go Defense' and not 'thirty-five' like what I thought. Oh. Heh *sheepish grin*

Am also in a slightly miserable mood because the ticket collector made me dump my water away or not throw the whole bottle in the trash (NO ok my my bottle cost like 8usd like heck I'm throwing it away for a game) cuz its some safety rule to ensure that no one sneak any alcohol in I guess =C But that meant that I have NO WATER and have to buy them on site which is like 4 dollars for a coke ok!!! FOUR! Hotdogs too! I can so get 4 larger hotdogs at that price *grumpy*

Then to further dampen my mood, I soon discover just how badly UCLA suck. ONE touchdown only for the entire night while OSC had like FOUR =_= After OSC like scored the 3rd touchdown, disappointed fans all started leaving lol.

From this:

To this:

HAHA karma much for jeering so much at OSC? I honestly felt really bad for how the people were acting. Like sheesh, show some respect can or not? Anyway, final score was UCLA lost to OSC 6-34.

6! SIX! What la like that don't play la. Wasting my time only *cups chin with hand and blows distractedly at bangs* Somehow UCLA doesn't seem so shiny anymore? Hmm.

Anyway, would love tickets to see USC vs. UCLA this coming December but tickets are all sold out I think. Plus UCLA would still lose anyway seeing that USC is like champion in CA if I'm not mistaken.

So there, my first football game~ Yay, I'm becoming more American now LOL.

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