Monday, November 17, 2008


Monday, November 17, 2008

My fav. band NEWS 3rd album 'Color' is now out and the songs all wonderful as always =)

Click on the individual title to download the song:
(Personal favs. are marked with a

1. Weeeek




5. Forever


7. Kesenai

8. Ordinary

9. Minna ga Iru Sekai wo Hitotsu ni Ai wo Motto Give & Take Shimashou

10. Murarisuto

11. Taiyou no Namida

12. Smile Maker

13. Happy Birthday


15. Towairo no Koi

Or you can download the full album here (credits to Dara)

My personal review cuz I am too free now:

All their 4 previous singles are included in this album and I am feeling somewhat cheated because that would mean 4 less new songs =C

is this super karaoke like song with its infectious bubbly energetic beat and the pv for it is total love cuz it features NEWS in suits! I don't care, guys in suits to me is like girls in miniskirts to you hor so very hot =P And with like thick black framed glasses again (shigeee!) *dies*

STARDUST is um kinda rockish like and reminds me of bands like Orange Range which I don't mind listening to on the radio but not something I'll actually make an effort to play it on my player.

is I think by far the best song and has like the best pv ever
♥ Super addictive ok and I think I had that song on constant repeat during the whole summer and its even my ringtone and gosh I should really change it now because it's autumn now and having my phone go 'this is the summer time~♪' would probably garner me weird stares from classmates. Everyone looks SO HOT here honestly this is the video you want to show to friends to hook them into the fandom =P

like its name is very wintry and dreamy like and people have been raving about it ever since they sang it in their previous cons and many jumped for joy to see it on this album but meh, I don't see what's so special about it. I rather have Massu's 'Pumpkin' darn it

Forever has English lines in it heh and this laid back beat I like!

is Pi's first full English song which I have totally no idea what he is singing about at all seriously but it's supposed to be a suggestive song from what people say though how they understand him I have no idea. Nevertheless, I like the electronic sounds =D

is a Tegoshi/Ryo/Shige song and anything Tegoshi would be ballads or perverted songs and though I like ballads this one is a tad too draggy for me. I liked Ai Nante better where the raw emotion in it was win.

is Ryo's solo -Abi would be sooo happy- and surprisingly I love it. A soft rock ballad. I hated his previous solo 'code'. Noisy piece of senseless music. Abi is so gonna kill me after this *flees*

Minna ga Iru Sekai wo Hitotsu ni Ai wo Motto Give & Take Shimashou. And you thought DBSK's 'doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimmatan darou' was LONG. Siao singers with their siao long titles. What next? Titles the length of my widescreen tv? Anyway, it's a Massu song =DDD I LOVE LOVE LOVE because its so cheerful and bouncy and bam bam bam HAPPY~♪ Ok so Pi and Koyama is in here too but the focus is Massu ok.

is KoyaShige's little cheeky song heh. A sequel to their previous song Chirarizumu (Peek up a Skirt) lol and the beat is so ridiculously silly its infectious. KoyaShige is win XD And is it me or does it sound like something K8 would sing? Anyway, I am dying to see the translations ish faster someone translate it for me.

Taiyou no Namida
is their highest selling single and the single I totally hate along with half the fandom probably. Totally emo-ish and un-NEWS like. No idea why non NEWS fans love it so much. I'll take cheerful nonsensical songs any day. Screw meaningful. Its all about the sparkly and shiny in boyband fandoms =D

Smile Maker is a normal boyband pop-rock song. Generic stuff and nothing fancy. Massu voice in here is so gentle and sweet though =P

Happy Birthday is my new birthday song byebye traditional happy birthday to you song =D Nice song but crappy pv.

FLY AGAIN is an upbeat ballad? I swear I can never get the genres right. But it's one nice song ^^ Uplifting and very drama theme song like.

Towairo no Koi. Another fan-raved song. Yet again do not really see what's so nice about it. Perfect concert song for both them and fans to cry together though. I'm saying this judging from the sound of the melody cuz I have no idea what the lyrics mean. Anyway tbh I think that other songs in the album are much nicer but what do I know about the general public taste? It's never the same as mine *shrugs*

I still think suits are the hottest outfit a guy can own......

aqldsfjasf Massu in an effing nice suit

Total ichiban now.


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Really can download those songs?
*sounds like cetakRompak XD*

hana said...

Ahem. You don't say. I don't say.

Anyway, I call this FREE PROMOTION XD

Abi~♥ said...

wei i wan the song "ordinary" n the song "code" is awesome ok. thts the song tht 1st attracted my attention. =)

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

LOL.FRee Promotion?
If i do that for Jaychou,
Sure will " kena " from Jaychou fans ><

hana said...

@abi: the dl link is right there ok just click it. And code was the one tht made me dislike him lol.

@jerome: well, thts cuz jay and his manager cud prob read english but most japanese cant heh.