Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
I take back every nice thing I said about rain. Rain is only lovely when you're all cozy up in your little warm car or home instead of freezing your butt off in the middle of nowhere.

Which was the exact situation I was in this morning.

Lousy rain suddenly started pouring, drenching me from head to toe till I looked like some sort of unfortunate scraggly sopping wet alley-cat. So much for my pretty outfit and freshly blown salon hair.

Shivering under a pitiful shade barely enough to keep a door-mouse dry in a weather colder than your house's ice-box like a slab of frozen meat with annoying drivers honking and slowing to a stop beside me going all 'Hey baby need a ride?' every 5 minutes, I have never hated the rain as much as I did back then.

Cannot even run back home cuz I'm smack dab right in the middle between school and home and I really wanted nothing but to stoop on the doorstep and cry my whole heart out ='C Called daddy and all he said was 'But I cannot take you okay I'm doing my research and DON'T SIT IN ANYONE'S CAR blablabla' before hanging up =CCCC


As if I would sit in a stranger's car too pfft I may be a sopping wet mangy alley-cat at the moment, but better that then a strangled, mangled and very dead alley-cat.

Totally lost all mood for class and wanted to sneak into Starbucks and drown my sorrows in a cup of hot coffee but my 'studious good student' self took over and I found myself passing Starbucks and going off to class instead. What is wrong with me? Cannot even skip one class =C

Stupid horrid crappy day I hate the rain. California can don't rain for all I care. If it must, then rain in the summer and only summer.

Was still in a sour mood after class and cheered myself up by indulging my whole afternoon shopping in Forever 21 and found the loveliest white coat ever for only 21 bucks =DDD But that was all cuz I cannot fit into/look good in any other outfit as my hips are too wide or my boobs too small or the cutting just so wrong sigh I tried on like 60 outfits ok today must really be my unlucky day. I think it's totally unfair that I cannot eat a single morsel of junk food and despite my insane hours at the gym I am still NOT skinny unlike some people who just spend their days hula-hooping and BAM! Chioness =CCC

Life suck.

Am off to prepare for tomorrow's thanksgiving. Forget restrictions. I am so stuffing myself with turkey tomorrow ♥


abi said...

happy thanksgiving!!

and!!! were u referring to me when u say hulla-hooping?! xD

ah matt's back so be prepared to see the new me. the blob.

hana said...

Thanks <3

Ahem yes you. omg you make me sooo jealous ok. you can ask ammy lol.

the blob LOL don't be ridiculous XD