Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally logged into Friendster after goodness knows how long and this is what I found in my inbox:

Like who the heck is this Josten guy and is he another one of those desperate St. Jo guys who would date a broomstick in a skirt and why the endless messages wth and so I clicked on one of them:

And was staring at it blankly for a good 5 minutes wondering just who did I borrow a cookbook from lately. And since when do Americans type like Malaysians. Which I so totally didn't because I have never cooked again ever since my last cooking post where I was forced to which reminds me that wait, wasn't there a Josten something related to that cooking episode?

And omg I remembered that he was the author of the cookbook wth and if he knew that I 'misunderstand' his recipe that means he must have read my blog and saw that post wth wth wth crap just what did I write in that post I have so totally forgotten ok!!!

But I've went back and read it and um Josten, if you're reading this.....


I was kidding when I said that you lied and its most probably MY cooking skills, or the lack of it, which resulted in it being a tad different =X

Besides it being a bit too salty (maybe I used the wrong soy sauce wth), it was delicious. Though you should consider putting a disclaimer stating that you used red coloring for the pictured chicken because I have no idea how it can turn red when all ingredients used are anything but red, which is like a primary color and cannot be obtained through mixing. This is so I won't feel like such a failure when it turns out to be nothing like the picture and so I can point out the disclaimer to people who criticize the appearance of my chicken and go 'neh see properly lah, I didn't use red coloring ok! People think of your health ok.'=P

Moral of the story is: Don't joke around for fun thinking that said person would never read it. Cuz you never know that they just might....

Oh and Josten,

Thank you for the kind offer for tutorials but atm I do not have Skype and neither the kitchen as long as my mum is still with me. Kitchen cuz she refuse to let me tap into her happy cooking hour. But I hope your offer have no time limits because I just might call you up 2 years later after my family returns to M'sia and I find myself surrounded by empty boxes of cup noodles. Heh.


Lance said...

Wuuhuuuu...Someone is stalking j00....

sharon (^.^) said...

dun k about him.. crazy dude

hana said...

@lance: nah. Also cannot stalk to the U.S haha.

@sharon: LOL.

Leira said...


denise--joey said...

haha this is so funny hannah.

does it actually scare you? (if it were, i think i'd die of embarrassment first)

hahahah so funny i can't stop laughing. he actually tries to locate you?

hana said...

@leira: Oh shaddap.

@denise--joey: scared? no. surprised? HECK YES. wth he even sent me a msg saying 'dun worry I wun scold u if you add me' wth. As if I am a seh kia -_-

I have never been happier tht I am like MILES away.