Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Party

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long overdue post heh.

Attended the International Student Halloween Party, invitation courtesy of SoEun cuz I am not one. Bah so ma fan I tell you being me at times. Not international student but totally unlike local Americans due to living in M'sia for too many years.

Anyway, sorry no sexy costumes cuz I avoid parties like those which mostly involves alcohol and drugs. Yes I know people keep telling me I'm too darn conservative so sue me. Actually, I just don't wanna break my daddy's heart lar. So nah, 'tame' pictures:

It was a pumpkin carving party btw. My first time carving a pumpkin ok *excited*

Cute pink colored pumpkin tools at the side

Meanie SoEun kept laughing at my failed attempts to carve a hole on top =C Took forever to saw it open wth I think I soi soi choose tiok old pumpkin. But my pumpkin was the chioest most pumpkin like color ok! Btw, never knew pumpkins are hollow inside!!! I bet you didn't know till now. Ha. Aiyar, pumpkin reminds me of Massu =X

My chosen design. Yes I chose a hard one cuz I am kiasu just lidat.

First you tape your design on it then you use this plastic stick thingy to tok tok tok little holes around the lines to create a dotted outline on the pumpkin for you to saw at later.

Doggy design

Actually I was disappointed that there wasn't any horrifying designs =C All were like fluffily cute with rainbows, musical notes, mouse, bunny etc. I wanted an evil pumpkin leh....

Pro artistic people makes me sad lol. Random note: Pumkin seeds can be eaten. I didn't know that....

HAHA SoEun got mad at how her moon design ended up and decided if evil pumpkin was what she wanted then evil pumpkin she shall get.


She so funny ok, before she carve this face, she carved a smaller one on the other side and for that she went and carve like a ROUND OUTLINE for the FACE and then 2/3 through realized that if she were to continue on she would carve the WHOLE face right out leaving a huge circular hole in the pumpkin instead hahahahahahaha.

Then again, I totally went 'what's wrong with an outline? Isn't it nice that way? More defined?' at first when she told me what she has done so to be fair, I am not so bright either -_-

Not bad hor my masterpiece. First time ok! I decided to stop after I tried refining the nose which only made it bigger on the right (as you can see) and the eyes which resulted in it being snapped off at the top which you can't see here because I gingerly push it back into place praying the whole eye won't fall right out =X

And now the moment of truth:


People kept complimenting my tiger which I receive with mixed feelings because wth its a CAT ok T_______T

Its so totally a cat ok. Why can't anyone see that? Even my family went all 'oooh your tiger so cute' when I brought it home T____T


Jack-o-Lanterns pictures:

Super chio ok

Whole place totally exhude this dreamy and romantic aura. I think it's prettier than Chinese lanterns perhaps. It's really really pretty. Sigh...

Had dinner afterward and a movie. October Sky I think its called. One of those old based on true story movies which I really like because its full of witty lines and the plot more realistic and touching compared to nowadays ones which are often times so blown out of porpotions.

Crap la, I think I am getting old wei.

The owner of the humongous house of which was used to house our party. The organizer of the party was Chiyoko:

The girl beside her is SouHiek (according to my gmail so I'm assuming thats her name) who is the one who took like 90% of the pics here because my sisters took my cam for their own halloween events hmph. Plus my sis cellphone batt died out right before the party started totally leaving me cameraless.

Lastly, group photo:

Which SoEun totally ran from like a deer caught in headlights seriously her phobia of cameras is like astounding. And yes I am the one in a jail-like dress wah can be costume also leh. Oh I just realized that a few are missing from this pic too so I'm guessing they went home early.

So, I had fun that night =D And so did SoEun who didn't give much hope to said party initially as this party was a first for her where everything is innocent fun unlike the usual ones she use to attend. Which just proves that sober parties aren't all that boring like people always assume~


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, so nice wor! Feeling wanna go for one time!!!

abi~ said...

wei pumpkins!!!!!!! gorgeous! omg the creativity of the ppl there. @.@

all so gorgeous la.

n.. it reli looks like a tiger =P

Ammy said...

that's because it's orange, stupid. plus, it has those stripe things at the cheeks.

hana said...

It does not look like a tiger!!!

And pumpkins are originally ORANGE!!!

And the strip things are the WHISKERS!!!

Plus plus plus ever heard of GINGER CAT???

Wait, is ginger cat orange?

Nvm, ever heard of GARFIELD then???


Bridge Schmidt said...

HI Hana! I couldn't agree more. I also love your tiger pumpkin! I think it's the best design compared to other halloween pumpkins here.