Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair Talk

Monday, November 24, 2008

HAHA my sister's hair got caught in the blades of the hair-dryer. I know it sounds painful but its effing funny ok to see her looking like a tornado victim with a hairdryer as a hat. Ok so tornado victims isn't something to laugh about either but anyway, hahahaha. I've always wondered how would it feel like to have your hair caught in fan blades or hairdryers ok and I've lost count of the number of times I felt like sticking my finger into a whirling fan just because people warned me not to since young.

Anyway, speaking of hair and hairdryers, the gym is an interesting place. Honestly today a woman beside me in the changing room practically stuff a hairdryer down her underwear wth I am never using those hairdryers again. Ever.

And I think I saw Darwin's proof of human evolution running on the treadmills. Seriously, it's a crime to be that hairy wth. Like walking ape man ok! The horror. It's like thick black matted hair, no, FUR, all over ok cuz he was wearing shorts and singlet (oh the double horror its as bad as a gorilla in lingerie).

So I was recounting my traumatic experience to Ammy the other day and she asked me what I thought of chest hair wth obviously I hate the very idea of it ok. You know what my ideal guy is? Completely hairless except for the hair and eyebrows. I think smooth skin is oh so sexy =D

I know I've ranted about facial hair before but I realized that it isn't enough. If I have to spend the rest of my life shaving or waxing my legs or underarms I don't see why guys can't do the same. hmph. Oh shut up about it being sissy. I think all my idols are super effing hot with smooth hairless skin ok

2nd sis says I'm being unrealistic and at the rate I'm going, I'll either end up single with 27 furry cats or being limited to swimmers and runners only since these two groups are the ones required to have hair free skin as body hair inhibits their performance. IMO, scientists should research more on this topic and find more reasons for guys to shave/wax and try to relate every unfortunate incident due to body hair =D Fail your test? Cuz its been proven that the hairs on your legs decrease fresh air flow to the body leaving you fatigued to concentrate properly. Sick? Cuz its been proven that smooth skin promotes healthiness. Fired from your job? Cuz your lady boss happens to find body hair unsexy =P

Damnit the world needs more lady bosses who like the idea of smooth skin on guys then the world would be a happier place. Where is my feminist movement? I want to contribute my idea heh.

To quote 2nd sis from her hilarious post: "No armpit hair!"

No wonder swimmers all look more pleasing to the eye compared to other athletes. Now you know why I love JE and other asian boybands to itty bitty pieces too. It's cause their management force them to keep a fresh smooth appearance which they secretly hate but have no choice but to comply with much to my fangirl delight =DDD

(OMG I was like googling pictures of Yamapi to prove my point and came across something more than I bargained for -was looking for leg pictures only- but I can say that wth he has the smoothest hairless body ever. Ahem.)

Anyway, here's a really old pic of part of NEWS but nvm it still proves my point:

Oh the glorious luscious smoothness =d

And so I am dead set on sticking to Asians. Not because I'm racist wth but hairist and it's common knowledge that Asians are generally less hairy right? heh. I die liao I think I shall be boyfriendless from now onwards as guys would have nightmares of a maniacal me creeping up to them unnoticed like the the guy in the SAW movies (which I don't watch btw) except that I'll be brandishing a razor instead of a saw and shaving every inch of hair off while they scream about egos and manliness crap. Of course I shall leave the head and eyebrows untouched because an eyebrow-less guy is damn effing scary.

An eyebrow-less MatsuJun courtesy of Photoshop and boredom

Unless of course you're Gaara:

Yes, you're OK =D

Ahem. And thus end my ramblings. Now excuse me while I switch majors to health science because one day I'm gonna make my ideals theory a reality.....


denise--joey said...

hahah you should have asked me. i ALWAYS get my hair stucked in the hairdryer because my hair is too long.

it's really bad because after you pull the whole bunch out, you'll smell burnt hair immediately.. haha

Lance said...

Asians got more hair in their private part though =P

hana said...

@denise: You do??? LOL. You should so buy idk a wire netting to cover the nozzle? lol.

@lance: aldkjadlkas too much information can? And how do YOU know that? You go around asking hia?

Lance said...

izint it a common knowledge or sense?

denise--joey said...

haha yes i do. and it's ALWAYS like that.. i lost count of the times my hair got stuck.. and now you know why my hair is always so frizzy and layered???

hana said...

@lance: well, I didn't know that so we can assume it isn't common anything lol.

@denise: omg get a longer nozzle or something before you lose all your hair one day.

Or you can.....