Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Facial Hair

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yesterday as I was surfing the channels of Astro out of utter boredom, I happened to stumble upon a music video of James Blunt. I don't know what's so great about this Blunt guy because he always look so shabby and could be easily mistaken for those stringy hair, homeless guitar playing beggars down at Satok. After a much longer look, I realized that my assumption was probably due to his hideous beard and mustache.

Prehistoric caveman on the loose

If there is one thing I cannot stand is facial hair on guys. FREAKIN UGLY CAN? Do they actually delude themselves into thinking it actually looks nice??? Do they? I have never, I repeat, NEVER met a guy who looks better with facial hair than without. That is if didn't already look like Attila the Hun in the first place with those hideous looking beards.

Attila the Hun

I positively cringed when some of my close friends foolishly decided that keeping a mustache makes them more 'man' last year and every time they talk to me I had a hard time keeping track with the convo as I try to push all thoughts of running to the nearest convenience store to buy a shaver to shave that offending mustache off them out of my head. I was also fully annoyed when I discover that my beloved superstar Jay Chou also decided to trade his handsome clean-shaven look for this:

Had half a mind to air-mail him a huge box of disposable Gillette razors if only I had the assurance that security won't mistaken me for some deranged psycho who uses razors as murder weapons.

This is a box of razor. Ever seen one? Well, now you do.

You know what, blog? Guys seem to think that this 'special' ability of theirs to sprout facial hair in a matter of days must be 'special' and must look sexy. Yeah right. Just because you can 'grow' something does not mean it must look good. Same like girls can 'grow' leg hair but does that mean hairy legs on girls are sexy? Huh? Or mono-brows??? Or maybe 20 inch long fingernails??? YOU UNDERSTAND MY POINT YET OR NOT?!

So hard to buy a shaver meh? Is there some International Razors Extinction crisis that I have yet to hear about? Some irritated facial-hair-growing-loving guys out there now might be angrily pointing out to me that nature must have bestow them this 'special ability' for a reason. You know? They might be true. A million years ago, facial hair might have been very important for a man. I believe it was used to disguise them in order to fool their prey (food) into thinking that they are one of their hairy-ape cousin before stabbing them with a spear. I'm just guessing but it might be true....

But thanks to modern technology, they can always buy a chicken or a slab of beef at the supermarket without the use of any disguises so I believe that facial hair has since become pointless. In other words, it's hideous and should be shaved, shaved, shaved.

Like Tegoshi. So smooth. So hot. So sexy. So *ahem*

Clean-shaven guys are ALWAYS sexy (well, almost always) and it should just stay that way forever. Don't you agree with me? Ok, thus ends my rambles for today.

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