Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I Want For Christmas

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I shall call him Snappy.

And Snappy's main duty is to bite all those annoying idiots on the streets.

A.I: Hi gorgeous! *lecherous smile*
Me: Go Snappy go! *bites*

A.I2: Hey lady, stay with me a while?
Me: Snappy! *bites*

A.I3: Hey there, have a boyfriend?

Muahahahahaha!!!! Best fantasy atm.

I have enough of being perpetually harassed by random strangers every time I walk home from school. If I hear one more lecherous remark again I will implode. Apparently MP3 players and sunnies are not enough and they'll only shout louder when you ignore them and some get would this slightly violent look on their faces I am effing afraid ok?!

I have never felt more vulnerable than during those situations where I realize just how girl and powerless I am. I should really get the stupid pepper spray Ammy's been asking me to ages ago. What was once merely an annoyance is now turning into my deepest fear for me and I find myself now dreading walking outside alone or digging through my closet for like the shabbiest outfit I can find.
Where is my freedom you tell me? Why am I being deprived from dressing nicely out of fear of being harassed? Who gives guys the right to do whatever they want huh?|
I am angry.

But more than that, I am afraid.

Somebody should just mass produce Zettai Kareshi(s) because I would buy one. Provided it doesn't go and develop human feelings as seen in the drama.

Anyway, till then, mean dog. Christmas present. Me. Remember that =)


JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

LOL -_-"
Your imagination of Snappy.
I shall get a Cat also-
with the name of "Hana" XD

Lance said...

Someone has become more attractive XD

hana said...

@jerome: wadever for. and wad wud u do to the cat? hmmm? XD

@lance: no. i do not think I am pretty. and even if i was, i do not like to be told by random strangers that. unnerving and somewhat insulting.

Faye said...

Haha. Most girls would kill for that kind of attention. But when it turns into harrasment, it's another story. That's the side that doesn't normally appear in fantasies. Anyway keep your head up and don't be scared. If anything happens just look at them in the eye and knee them in the balls. Trust me it hurts.

hana said...

@faye: I don't get most girls because really, there is nothing pleasing about unwanted attention =x

And I shall take your advice and knee them in the balls should I need to heh.