Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stupid Lines

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Of the many different ways of being asked out, today's one really takes the cake so far. So I was sitting there with my dark sunnies and earphones stuffed defiantly in my ears trying to exude this aura of 'leave me alone' while I waited for my car and got this one guy dunno if he is like cannot read the atmosphere or what still attempted to talk to me and there goes the usual barrage of questions like 'hi, how are you', 'where do you live' and the inevitable 'are you single/have a boyfriend atm?' and really I dislike it when people ask me that, my private life ok what for I tell a stranger that.

So I was like cursing my poor foresight of why did I not not choose to sit at the bus-stop instead where the bench is full so no one can simply slide in beside me huh while I answer all his questions mechanically till he went 'oh I live around here too and I'm looking for something convenient you know and I was wondering if you are interested in a relationship blablabla' and while my mind was a hundred miles away before, something he said immediately snapped my attention back into place.


EXCUSE ME BUT DID I JUST HEAR HIM SAY THAT??? Convenient? Convenient?! *twitch* Just what the hell is that supposed to mean huh?! Do I look like an effing 7-11 store to you, you (to quote Ammy) moronic slice of evolved sperm, readily available at your whims?


So if I were to move to UCLA one day, you'll ditch me? Cuz last I heard, cloning of humans was still banned so I couldn't multiply myself like those 7-11 chain stores even if I wanted to. And I wasn't even dressed like a slutty ah lian so just what is he implying? Convenience... Yeah, if your last name is Jung and first name Yunho or not you can just buzz off.

Was contemplating where I should stab him with my 3 inch heels, right or left foot? Maybe both? Or even better, his crotch so he cannot populate the earth with more douchiness? when he still have the audacity to press on with 'but you're not looking for a boyfriend now? are you sure? why not?' and other crap after my frosty not interested reply coupled with a murderous glare and I was wondering how retarded a person can get and do I really need to castrate him with my heels for him to get my point but now that I think back about it, I think my stupid sunnies must have killed the glare and so I must remind myself to take them off the next time I have to glare at someone.

Shall buy darker sunnies on my next shopping trip. Preferably something along the lines of black hole black or world is ending black with huge headphones to boot so I can shut all stupid people out. And if all else fails, I can always use my huge headphones to knock them out =D

Anyway, on to lighter things, I hate Japan ok. I found this really gorgeous cellphone and was willing to spend any amount to get it:

♥♥♥Foma N906iμ Pink Diamond♥♥♥

Got free chio gold strap again!!!

Then I read this and discover that all their phones are sim cardless, locked, works only in Japan and requires Japanese citizen identification documents to be able to purchase one. Damnit why so exclusive? =C Are Korean ones the same too? If not then I'll ask someone in Korea to purchase one for me cuz American phones are crap and I want a chio flip phone!!!

And I was kidding about the hating Japan part. I love it still and want to go there ok~♪


Akira 思胜 said...

The HP looks nice, but only can access in Japan, right?

Ammy said...

*rolls eyes*


wada said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the phone!!!!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Japan is so strict with their cellphone services.Requires
citizen identification documents
pulak -__-" damn "ma fan "

hana said...

@akira: um yeah.

@ammy: Yes.

@wada: I know right! Whats there NOT to love about it??? Omg I want it so badly.

@jerome: Apparently so is Korea. Sigh, too selfish to share their pretty phones with the world.

Timothy said...

Actually, isn't it much the same in the USA? Phones are inevitably tied with Verizon/T Mobile/AT&T/whatever.

Faye said...

Wow. Things like that do actually happen. Amazing.

Yeah Japanese phones are like that. Like the people, xenophobic. But they're cool though (the phones). Can surf the net cuz there's wireless everywhere or something like that. They don't send SMSes, they send emails. :/

Timothy said...

Warning:technical post ahead.

NTT's DoCoMo spawned the first text browser on the phones. In a way, Japanese is easier to display because each word takes up about the same size on the screen, while you have long and short words in English.

The problem with using Japanese phones outside of Japan are:
a)Their GPS system doesn't work. Japan uses a very weird frequency for their GPS systems

b)Japanese don't send SMS'es. They email. And with email, you can send pretty much anything. Don't need to bother with MMS.

c)Japan doesn't use GSM, which 98% of the world uses. Foma N906iμ does use UMTS, which is used for 3G in the rest of the world. Be warned through: while the rest of the world uses the 2.1GHZ frequency, the US (and Optus (or was it Telstra?) in Australia)uses the 850MHZ frequency in some places.

d)Yes, you can watch TV on a Japanese phone. But only in Japan. Their 1-SEG TV is not deployed anywhere else in the world.

So essentially, should you get a Japanese phone, all you can do it make voice calls, and send plain old boring SMS'es. And even then they're limited to 160 ASCII characters, unlike Nokia phones which "overflow" into another maessage packet (and you get charged 2 SMS'es).

And if you want to play music, forget it. They use Matsushita's DRM-crippled AAC, so it a pain to put music on it. And there is no gurantee the English firmware will be as good as the native Japanese. Not to mention that bypass SIM's for NEC (DOCOMO) phones are a bit dodgy.

It will get me heaps of brownie points when I flip it out through. but IMO it's as pratical as a iphone. You're better off spending the money (I can get the Foma N906i for RM1400, through I cannot gurantee the pink color) on something more pratical like a Treo Pro.

hana said...

@Faye: Its not amazing, its annoying lol. I love Japanese phones a lot and really they SHOULD share =C

@Timothy: Yeah its locked up but at least I can use my Malaysian phones here. Or not their phones are unlockable though pointless because its crap so who wants them.

And I like ur technical post ok I never knew there was so many functions and stuff.

Agree about the brownie points. That alone is QUITE worth it lol. But how many times can you flip open a phone in front of your friends before they get bored lol.

SIGH. Japan and Korea should really abolish those laws of theirs really so everyone can be happy =P I know tons of people who want a Japanese/Korean phone. Its so much more cooler and stylish.

Timothy said...

That's beacuse the USA still same some GSM networks as Malaysia. Bring your N95 to Japan and I'll gurantee it works.

If there's one thing I miss about Malaysia, is that you can walk into a shop and buy a phone, unlike 1st world countries where you are contracted into a phone for 2 years. Not to mention the horrid branding. I know AT&T phones are tied to them. There are ways to bypassing them locks, but it takes time and money, and I just have to ask: "WHY?!"

Not so sure about the stylish part about phones. IMO design wise they are not that much different than some of the phones Samsung/Sony Ericsson export out. (One interesting thing is that ALL SE export phones you can buy in Malaysia in the last 2 years or so work in Japan)

I still love my Treo. It is a model in HCI. Only wish it had 3G......

hana said...

I totally agree about the walk into shop and buy a phone part. In fact I wish they would have prepaid plans too plus a lum sum package where IM comes together with it.

How I miss DIGI.

And really? I thought Japanese flip phones looks a tad more feminine than Samsung/Sony Ericsson ones that just looks so 'gadgety' XD

Oh btw, tons of ppl here never even heard of 3G lol.

Timothy said...

"Oh btw, tons of ppl here never even heard of 3G lol."

That's because they don't HAVE 3G. Not in the traditional Malaysian sense.

The US is stuck using their version of CDMA, which is completely incompatible with the rest of the world.

Bloody Americans. This is what happens when you insist on using imperial measurements.

And I think you've been looking at the pink colored phones for too long Hana.......there are more normal looking Japanese phones.

hana said...

I do not! I look at other color phones too just that my eyes drifts unconsiciously to the pink ones.....

But their 'normal' phones makes our super ke-si phones normal imo =P

Tiffany Siew said...

erm..i saw a japanese girl using that phone in my uni~! ...that's all~!

hana said...

@tiffany: OMG!!! *envy* Does it work? Like all the functions? I mean like which phone company is she using? Japan or Canada? Can you ask her how much she bought it for?


Tiffany Siew said...

Hahah..i dunno her at all..i juz saw her in a bus randomly. i have never seen her after that .

Timothy said...

Got RM2000 to spare? Then the Foma N906iμ Pink is possible.

Or just want a Japanese phone that works in the USA? Go to Taiwan and pick up the Sharp WX-T92. Its the Taiwanese version of the Softbank 920SH. It'd set you back RM2700 through. But I saw it here in Australia, and I can testify it works.