Sunday, October 26, 2008

Santa Monica

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Went to Santa Monica on Friday with So Eun because we were bored and needed desperately to relax after a grueling morning at the gym. I swear my whole body has never ache this much in my entire life. Not when I jumped rope 10000 times nor when I ran up and down the stairs 4000 times, joined the KGS gym, not even when I jogged around the insanely huge Rose Bowl.

The sign says Santa Monica and Sacramento in case you cannot see.

I cannot even walk like a girl ok. You know Mulan? When that Mushu teached her how to walk like a guy going 'shoulders up, chest out, feet apart'? Yeah, that is the only way I can walk now without falling down. I cannot laugh either because I'm afraid I might rip my intestines right out because its feels like that. I had to grip my bedpost to get up after my nap ok. I have siao trainers.

Wanted to go to Malibu cause it was only a little further down but got lazy. Plus I had to get back in the evening for some Harvest Festival and we didn't bring our swimsuits with us. Next summer must be able to wear bikini to the beach ok or I shall sue the club lol.

Santa Monica is like an hour drive from Pasadena. I discover that Pasadena is a damn nice place to live in cuz all amusement parks, beaches and other places of interest are only an hour drive away~♪ The only farther ones would be San Francisco and another whose name I have forgotten. Yayness plus

Hello cute giant bonsai!

Don't shop in Santa Monica. Well, unless you're really rich cuz everything is 168 and above and I see the price I wanna die. French Couture and stuff. I so 'bo mood' to see all those rich girls twirling around in their expensive short dresses and sexy high heels going 'so what do you think?' to their probably equally as, if not richer boyfriends and complaining about this and that when its obvious they look gorgeous. Nevermind, I am thinner =D Sour grapes wth.

Ok forget depressing rich people and lets move on to the beach.

I'm using my sister Nokia phone cam and stupidly forgotten to zoom out for all the later pictures so they are all blur =C

FunFair in the background. I want to sit on the Ferris Wheel one day. I really want! Have yet to sit on one yet.

Movie shooting. Very common thing in LA. Every other day I see people shooting movies everywhere till I'm like 'stupid people block my path' instead of the sakai 'omg got people shooting movie here!!!!' I was initially =P

No idea why this is so dark.

Water was freezing! And really, it seems like all seawater here has a certain stench to it. Or maybe I just haven't been to a beach in a very long time and have since forgotten how beaches smell like. But I distinctively remember Sematan seawater smelling all salty like.

So Eun writing her name in the sand

Funny how people keep assuming we are twins or sisters to our amusement. Like really, she is Korean and I am Chinese ok. How far off can you get. Is it really that hard to differentiate between Asians? And oh, I've come to the conclusion that people from Malaysia must really look like nothing because everyone keeps assuming I'm Korean or Japanese every time they speak to me till I'm wondering if I am Chinese at all? Its pretty sad ok when its to the point that your own race doesn't even recognize you =C

Die die must be able to fit into bikini next year so can camwhore. Though I see fat people wearing bikinis everywhere and people still say they are hot. Don't see that happening in Malaysia. People here wear to kek their boobs, legs and butt while Malaysians kek their flat stomachs lol.

Plus I realize that you can never win in Malaysia. If you're skinny and have a flat stomach and decide to wear a bikini to flaunt it, people would say 'yeah but she is so flat on top *snickers*'. If you have great curves, its 'stomach not flat still dare wear *snorts*'. If your body is perfect, its 'I admit she has a great body *grimaces* but but but her face not pretty/skin not nice etc.'. And if you are perfect all over??? 'hiao ma!!! (slut)'

See? Cannot win. And if you say 'but angmoh also lidat mah' they would just go 'they are ANGMOH mah!' and stare at you like that explains everything. But who cares, I'm in America now muahahaha no need to fear ridiculous comments anymore hehe.

Ok last pic. I have to sleep now. I have like 2 exams and presentations this week and another harvest festival is later in the afternoon again. Don't really see the point of celebrating Harvest Festival in California if you ask me. It feels more like summer than fall and I don't see any red/brown leaves yet. Weather is still as hot as ever with it being above 90 degrees everyday. Cannot wait for winter~♪ Nevertheless, I hearts California lots =)


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, what a nice place!!

Eh, I think you better study hard and all the best ya!!!

Ammy said...

oh god. really hana, this whole "not insulting people in your comments area" is really taking a toll on me. i had a eye rolling remark at the ready but i deleted it =D.

now shut up and give me my $1

hana said...

@ammy: Just ignore offending comments lol.

Not like your comment had anything to do with my post either dolt.

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