Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guess Who Has Bigger Eyes Now =D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YES, ME OK!!! Oh the joy of it all 0(^^)o

My new eyes =DDD

Bye bye stupid single lidded slit like eyes, I now have larger eyes! It's double lidded now but you can't really see it because my lids are like the folded in type so it's underneath wth but who cares, as long the size increases I am happy ok! Best money spent ever! Omg I love it~

Can do silly ah lian act cute poses LOL

Ok fine so some of you would be saying 'I don't see the difference?' but there is! I just um used to photoshop my eyes larger and fixed the droopy lids for all my past pics so um that explains why my eyes now look the same as my previously shopped eyes lol.

Now all I need is rhinoplasty to make my nose sharper/higher then I am contented. Ok just kidding. I'm already quite satisfied with my current nose and its only in pics does it look mishappen and I can always use photoshop for that anyway. I draw the line at surgeries that require insertion of plastic of any sorts. Hmm, I wonder if the Japan 'higher nose bridge' thingy works?




Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, nice pic of yours! I like the last one! =p

sharon (^.^) said...

yeah same here.. last one.. the 1st and 2nd can see it's photo shopped.. lighter your black.. unless your cam pixels are high den u can use that black..

teach me!!

hana said...

@akira: ^^

@sharon: I don't get you??? If you're talking about my hair, then I did photoshop it darker cuz it was bluish black and all I did on my eyes was using the burn tool on the eyeliner? *puzzled*

But this post isn't about photoshop lol.

Abi~♥ said...

eh i reli liked the last pic!! u shud totally start camwhoring n posts those pics up!!!

Domassism said...

i dun really see the difference. >.<

hana said...

@abi: lol im still too lazy to camwhore hahaha.

@dom: THERE IS OK. Don't you rmb how small my eyes was? *sniff*

Leira said...

he is implying that even in that pic it's freaking small. WAHAHAHAHA! k, I think I like the worst commenter ever in the world.