Monday, October 27, 2008


Monday, October 27, 2008
I want to sue LA Fitness.

I am totally unable to walk now. It's to the point I need a wheelchair or when at home, crawl on the floor on all fours if no one is around to support me. My legs are now useless stumps that hurt whenever I try to stand. In fact, I cannot even stand and can only manage a bended knee stand that lasts only 3 seconds before my legs give out and I fall to the floor in a heap. I have to skip classes, miss out on events and stuff simply because I cannot walk.

I am so mad, frustrated and maniacally depressed right now I feel like taking a knife to all trainers at that stupid gym. I don't really care if it gets me into jail right now because they took my life away its only fair they get what they deserved.

I am hoping that this is only a case of torn muscles that would heal in a few days because I rather walk again than to sue them for millions but be crippled for life. I am deathly afraid right now that I may no longer be able to walk again I tell you because I've never been this way before and its taking a toll on my sanity.

I now understand what it feels like to be physically disabled.

I need prayers right now for both my sanity and the healing of my legs. I don't think I can get through my life crippled. Please, pray for me.

Update: My friend just called to tell me she is moving to Orange County soon due to certain complications. So not am I only crippled, falling behind in my studies because of missed classes, gymless because we would be canceling our memberships but I'm also losing a great friend. Great, now my life is slowly falling apart all over again.

Sometimes I just want to ask You God, just what do You want with me. Why all these cruel 'dangling a carrot in front of my nose' games? Why answer my prayers then take them away again. Why why why??? I lost my previous life of luxuries already and now I'm losing friends and grades. I'm completely worn out with life and really don't know what am I supposed to do anymore.


sharon (^.^) said...

u've been tagged

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

want to keep fit.. need to pat the price..

wat price?? that's pain.. haha.. take care

eunice said...

omg! but i feel that u will be alright, perhaps u overstretched your muscles?

Take care ok! Have a speedy recovery.

I've a new blog!

hana said...

@kimmy & eunice: Thanks ^^ Am feeling better now =D