Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh Screw This Tag

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So I'm tagged by the lovely Abi. Wait, I take that back after reading the tag. Why the questions are so that one that one wan.


This tag is specifically created to screw you up. When you are tagged, you must answer the tag and reply to what the question says, any illogical answers is not accepted and you cannot refuse to answer. A reply with none specific answer ie: "none" or "I don't know" or "cannot" or any other variations of them are not allowed.


Darn rules screw you whoever who came up with this tag and its set of rigid rules.

1. If you would have to engage in sexual acts with a celebrity of the same sex,
who would it be?

What? That IS a girl. You don't believe me? I give you more proof!

Oh c'mon all my lousy friends says he looks like one anyway so he might as well be one and so yes I shall then pick him as my same-sex celebrity who I want to sleep with. Shut up and leave me alone now.

No, I am straight ok wth go die I do not like him cuz he looks like a girl here wth I am doing this cuz I have no choice thanks to the evil tag writer of this tag.

2. If you were asked to strip off naked and then be covered in a certain material for a photoshoot, what will it be?
(note: clothing or any other variations is not acceptable, however cloth is.)

Money ok!!!! Cover me in tons and tons of 100 dollar bills please and thank you.

Tell me if this isn't going to be the sexiest photoshoot ever girl+money ok!!! Plus when the stylists tell us that we models may keep our modeled outfits as a treat after the shoots like how most shoots goes, I will be damn rich ok with my 'outfit' while the rest of you are only stuck with bits of useless clothes that would go out of fashion after a season. Ha!

3. If you and your husband/wife/life partner are bound up and are soon to be raped by a rapist, would you sacrifice you or your spouse? (note: only one can be saved)

HAHAHA. Have fun baby. *runs away giggling*

Ok fine I don't be so mean. I shall ask my bf to pretend to give the guy blowjob wth and bite his thing off then hahaha we are free!!!

Ok fine so I'll probably be so traumatized by that one incident and would break up with him but whatever at least I save him from being raped wth should thank me for my brilliant plan ok.

Of course this would only work if the rapist in question was gay or maybe bi.

Or or or maybe the rapist is a woman???

Hahaha a guy raped by a woman is quite impossible imo though. If they are both adults which I shall assume so because pedophiles should be shot wth. So I think its highly impossible the guy would be overpowered.....

Well, unless the woman in question is an overly muscular hairy ape like woman who possibly never had sex in her life ever due to her present appearance and would go to any lengths to sleep with a guy. And being ape like huge she would be able to overpower any guy in question.

Hmm....well if she was a woman then she cannot rape me haha unless she is one of those rare few who have 2 sexual organs wth. GOT OK 2nd sis told me one. She said some are born like that which explains why there are transsexuals. Oh I forgot that if she were to have 2 sets of genital organs then we can just repeat my initial plan and the bf shall bite it off then we are free again! Whee~

And if she doesn't have then um um um back to the first sentence?

Sorry I cannot save you =C I will try to forget the incident though.

I think.

4. Well, you are in New York City, ala Entourage or Sex and The City, which would you pursue? Labels or love? And why?

Labels of course! Love other places all can find. Your grandmother house also can find maybe. But you sure as heck cannot find branded stuff there no? So give me all the high fashion clothing, accessorized me in designer goods, bling me up with Tiffany & co. jewelries till I dazzle you all with my radiance =D

I can find love in L.A. anyway after I get back so shrugs.

5. Name your favorite American Idol 7 finalist.

Nick. Is there a Nick in there? Or maybe a Jon? Josh? Andre? Yes I am just naming sexy names off my head right now cause I don't watch American Idol so I have no idea who the finalists are. AI singers are overrated. I have yet to hear an awesome song and to discover later that it was sung by an AI.

6. The Deserted Island Question : Who would you bring?

My 'twin' Ammy.

She is like entertainment itself ok and as soon as we are rescued I will sell the footage I filmed of her without her knowledge during our entire stay on the island and earn millions from it =)

Btw speaking of deserted island omg you have to watch these series of cute and hilarious NEWS cm ok pure adorkableness =)

Sorry no sub for this.

7. Name one crazy thing you have done.

Stuck my head in between the balusters of a staircase for fun to imitate the kids who does that in movies (you know, how they use to do it to peek at whats is the happening on the floor below) only to discover to my dismay that unlike them, I coudn't get it back out again. And so I screamed and cried as visions of my head being chopped off as the only way to free myself filled my head, which is stupid considering that if one were to do so I would be dead instead and thus voiding the supposed freedom, until my entire family and guests tried to help me out while some contemplated sawing the baluster off.

After 20 agonozing minutes and with the sudden correct tilt of my head, I manage to slide my head back out again and omg I swear that was one of the happiest moment in my life. Omg can you imagine if they had sawn the balusters off? The poor staircase would have a huge gaping hole in it and that won't be a pretty sight. But it would save some other equally foolish souls the trouble from getting stuck should they decide to stick their heads through the stairs too.

Unless of course they were to fall right through the hole and um then that is a different matter altogether.

Anyway, I was 15 at that time I think. I know. I am lame.

You do not know how until today I really do feel like sticking my tongue onto a lamp pole during winter just to see if my tongue would really stick to it. But thank goodness this never get to happen cuz Msia was summer all year round.


I shall hereby ban myself from walking outside during winter to avoid running into metal poles of any sorts.

8. To make things a little easier, future honeymoon destination?

Don't you tag writing people ever get sick of writing this question??? Who cares who goes where for their honeymoon. You want to sponsor me meh? Anyway, I shall say Hawaii.

Actually tbh, anywhere with a super comfy bed for 2 would be good enough =) Who cares about the location. Would probably be in the effing room the whole time so its pointless.

9. If you have superpowers, what would it be?

The power to control people minds. And with that the whole world is mine and you all are just empty chess pieces for me to play with at my leisure kuakuakua.

I think this is the very reason why I'm not born into royalty =CCC

10. You got drunk, have sex with someone and when you woke up, that someone is next to you, who is that someone?

Tegoshi. No Massu. No Tegoshi. No Massu. No Te-- wait I have a brilliant solution =D*

So anyway I choose Tegoshi.

Omg like sleeping angel wei!!! I so want to marvel at his gorgeousness the next day while blowing lightly at his hair, watching the strands dance around his perfect face. Then he shall wake up, smile at me and wth since I already screw up my morals I shall just do it again with him. This time sober Ha.

*10. You got drunk, have sex with someone and when you woke up, that someone is next to you, who is that someone?**

Massu =D

Why is he still clothed here???

Repeat same next-morning-scenario as written previously.

**Ahaha the rules didn't say I cannot post the same question twice! =PPP Shall just have to get drunk twice lol.***

***I am not like this at all irl ok. I don't even drink so I doubt I'll ever get drunk. Plus I have to be in Japan for this to happen or for them to be in L.A. so my morals are safe lol.****

****Just kidding. I would always adhere to my morals regardless of what the situation =)

Oh look what I found!!!

Très très hot!!!

11. Name a classmate that you seriously hate on your high school senior year.

Classmate....*ponders* I think I was on pretty good terms with the entire class so nope, no one I hate. Zip it tag writer about your silly rules, just because you hate people doesn't mean everyone does ok.

12. A position you would want to have in high school but can't achieve?

Straight A student holding the first position in class.

13. Name a classmate that you would want to join you in your current university as your classmate.

The bff =) I would say Ammy but sadly she was not my classmate lol. Oi Sha ilu ok but I think you would maul me if I snatch you to L.A. lol unlike Ammy here who wants to come here so much =P

14. Name a person you know you love but never truly appreciate.

My mum I guess.

15. If given the chance to fully restore and revive someone from the dead, who would it be?

Agatha Christie. I need more murder mysteries cuz other writers just doesn't cut it. She was and still is the best.

16. If your life were a game, what would it be?

Its like reality. Only better.

Just imagine, I can eat like crazy till I'm obese and get crazy thin exercising in like less than a day. Plus I can happily change my face or hair just by peering into a mirror. To change outfits all I have to do is twirl around in front of my dresser and a full outfit would appear on me like magic.

I can kill off people I hate by piling dirty plates in their rooms causing them to die attacked by a swarm of flies or by simply inviting them to view my cowplant which would proceed to eat them up and there is no police to catch me. I can grow younger by drinking the 'youth' potion. All my knowledge and skills can be gained by simply reading an effing book or tinkling around on a piano in a time span of 1 month.

All guys would look like this:

Crap wei I think I want to live in the sims 2 world ok that blond guy is hot!

Plus there is no such thing as lack of or rejection from a job application nor a uni application. All I have to do is click 'take job' and hey presto I have a job. Same applies to uni.

If I am still not happy I shall just buy a few 'hacked' items which would grant me all my wishes and desires so I can die happy with dancing hula girls transporting me to paradise leaving behind a gold plated tombstone.

17. Do you support gay marriages?

Flat out no. It's wrong and just no please I had to put up with pictures of married gay couples all over the newspaper for the past months ok so please no more.

And if you're gonna slam me back for my NEWS/Tegomass rants, that is fanservice ok. There is a difference. Plus I dislike it too when some of their fanservice crosses the line at times. Mostly other JE groups though cuz NEWS/Tegomass is still pretty g-rated.

18. Do you prefer expensive, branded items or inferior, cheap items?

Hello what kind of dolt would choose the 2nd one? Of course expensive and branded items srsly why are the questions getting lamer and lamer so no fun anymore.

19. If your life were a TV show, what would it be like?

[Insert lame undramatic college student life tv show here]

20. Last minute partner for a project?

2nd sis. Because she is exactly like me whereby we want everything to be perfect and the best and would do anything to achieve it

[End of Tag]

Tagging no one cuz what little blogger friends I have has already been tagged and those who aren't are too busy having a life to complete lame tags such as this unlike no-lifer me here.

Wait, maybe I want to tag Akira, eiChi and Mei-wah *evil smirk* I do want to see their answers to some of the questions here after all kuakuakua.


Akira 思胜 said...

Aikz, my sixth sense is correct!!! I really guess u tagged me as well! Haha...

I have to postpone the tag ya, because I still got 3 tags to do neh...

eunice said...

Thank you for your great support Hana! :D

Mei-Wah said...

you are so so mean~
but i love it~
challenging questions i like~~~ muahhahaa...

abi~ said...

wei... the sims 2 guys so hot!!

i like the dark brown hair better. reminds me of moody ryo~~~ ahhh hot hot hot!!!

can make curly hair like Jun?


i wannn~~~~

haha i wasnt wrong, ur replies 2 tags r always hilarious xD

Ammy said...


Bridge Schmidt said...

Oh my. This sure is one long post. And yeah. I enjoyed reading the tags, especially your response. I specifially laughed at your reply on the "Rapist Thing". Let your bf do the honor of BJ and bite him in the end... 1,2,3 RUN! Funny!

sharon (^.^) said...

hahaha OMG so farnie i read your tag.. i oso think naked for a mag cover with money is the sexiest!! hahaha and the BLOND in SIMS game super cute n hawt. u have great taste in what kind of life you wan alike SIMS. LOL no wander ppl say so nice to play la!!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Everytime i visit your blog..
Sure got alot lengjai ><
Can put some Japanese hot chicks?

hana said...

@akira: sure sure as long as you do it haha.

@eunice: you're welcomed.

@mei-wah: hehe. good, do the tag =D

@abi: I KNOW RITE EFFING HOOOT!!! I dunno how to make Jun but I want a Massu. We have his hair. Yay!

@ammy: cuz ilu lol.

@bridge: what to do? guys should be gentlemen and help the girl in any situation lol.

@sharon: yes!!! money is sexy!!! =DDD haha I wish I have the abilities and capabilities though to live up to my taste XD

@jeromefo: haiyar of course you cannot expect me sleep with girl mah. you put hot guys in ur blog thn i put hot chicks lah. deal? lol.

Faye said...

Well technically rape is defined as penetration, and girls don't have anything to penetrate with...unless it's another object. If it's a girl treathening to 'rape' you guys, it's not a problem. It's like an ant saying it'll crush you, which is impossible. If it's a guy, then your man should be able to fight, overpower, whatever, just save the both of you. If he can't do that then you might as well break up lol.

abi~ said...

i want to playyyyyyy!!!!!

hana said...

@faye: haha i like ur way of thinking. if he cant protect u then break up hahaha yes i agree lol.

@abi: play wad? sims 2? GO PLAY LAR OMG. go create ur TOP oppa and marry him lol.

Mei-Wah said...

yay!!! i have done your post!!!

Mei-Wah said...

i mean your tag...