Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Forgotten Textook

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Am in a very unhappy mood right now. The skin on both my feet has blistered like crazy and I cannot walk properly. But let me start from the beginning because I am very very angry and want to rant.

So I left my math textbook in my English class today and only remembered it when I reached the library so I rushed back only to find that it was GONE. Now the library is like a good 15 minutes walk to my class. Anyway I rushed back to the C building which is in the middle of campus thank heavens, going to every floor trying to find the language division office to see if my teacher had took it with her only to be told she was in a meeting and to check back an hour later.

Now I need that book ok because my math class is up next so I decide to rush all the way back to the W building halfway across campus to double check the classroom but sadly no miracles today, book did not appear like magic and so I went back to the C building to wait. By this time the skin of my feet is totally torn to shreds and threatening to bleed at any moment cuz I was wearing this pair of golden sandals which super chio as it is, is not meant for walking much.

But like heck did I expect to walk much at all today.

Anyway by the time the teacher was back, I was depressed, in pain and desperate and pounced on her only to be told that a guy classmate called W (shall not state his name) took it from her saying he knows me and that I'm his friend and would help return it to me.

AS;LFKA;DFJSA who is this W guy??? I don't even know how he looks like. Claiming I'm your friend when I don't even know who you are. Fyi, the prof. asked him twice to confirm and he kept insisting that he was my friend and wanted to return it to me and so she handed it over.

Anyway W, thanks to you, I rushed around the whole campus for nothing. No, let me rephrase that. I rushed around campus and hurt my feet severely to the point I have to hobble like a hobbit. I waited for hours outside the office only to be told you took it for what reason I do not know. For the entire duration of my math class, I had NO book to study and do questions from. I nearly got into trouble with the professor. And now I have NO book to do my homework from.

Just why did you claim to know me when you didn't? Why did you take the book from the professor? Did you think this was funny??? I dunno what you're trying to do but come Thursday I feel like wearing my highest heels and jamming it down on your toes. That is if I could still wear anything but sneakers seeing that my skin is like I dunno, TORN?!

And if I discover that you sold that book (!!!) you can change the word 'toes' to 'groin' in the previous sentence.

I was so effing happy today ok with my spanking new book and was eager to do all the questions on the whiteboard only to end up like this. To say I am frustrated is an understatement. Am feeling quite murderous at that point in math class.

Dear God, I do not know if this is your humorous idea of answering my prayers of getting to know more people because I am thisclose to strangling this 'supposed future friend' of mine.


jiani said...

calm down.. calm down...dont so angry ya..

* so sorry to late reply you about the BB cream, the BB cream i get it from taiwan online shopping. mayb u can try to get it from ebay.

anyway, nice to meet you here. ^^

Ammy said...


ew hana i bet that guy took your book because he like, fell head over heels in love with you and wanted to get your book so he could do some voodoo shit on you. if you suddenly feel infatuated with some acne ridden scrawny or obese (!!!) geek please refrain from jumping him and making him marry you.

and omg la you're such a freak WHO THE FUCK LOOKS FORWARD TO DOING EQUATIONS??

abi~ said...

wow yay hana u've got urself a stalker! *prance around*

btw maybe he IS doing voodoo shit on u. sth like getting ur fingerprints or hugging ur book 2 slp. creepy!!

i bet he's reading this blog right now and is reli happy that you FINALLY noticed him. wow.


Mei-Wah said...

such a loser!


Mei-Wah said...

i wanna wish u a HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVALS! it falls on Sunday... :)

hana said...

@jiani: eh he took my book ok =C and i tried ebay but like so limited choices. i want to know how good is it. wonder if you post the results on ur blog yet.....

oh nice to meet u too =)

@ammy: LOL JYANNIS. I want Massu too!!!! and eww ok dun simply say anyhow choy choy choy!!! plus dun be a dolt. I have bloody good eyesight. plus lei wud kill off anyone who fits ur description lol.

@abi: no lah, stalk me for wad? only lengluis got stalkers ok. I think he just want to spite me or something which i dun understand why cuz i never talk to anyone in tht class. yet.

anyway am MAD at this W guy. wud kick him tomorrow. HMPH.

@mei-wah: AGREED. oh and mooncake festival falls on Sunday??? *shiny eyes* i LOVE MOONCAKES!!! shall see if here got sell. they better or i wud cry =C

Akira 思胜 said...

Sorry neh, use this comment box for a while...

Yup, u can download the eng sub at...


abi~ said...

i would like to know...

wad happened now?

did u meet him?

can u take a picture of him?

better yet.. take a picture of him AND U together.

or even better, take a pic of BOTH of u, but wit u hitting his head the book~


oh yea! wanted to write this down but forgot..




to read about ur pain.

in a good way of coz, i mean wit the high heels la!

coz my feet ALWAYS hurt after 5 mins wearing the heels omg i always hafta find a quiet n secluded place to take it off n cry T____T

and when im done, my feet is like begging me not to force them back in =(

abi~ said...

its feels good to noe tht im not alone... *sob*

hana said...

@akira: thx!

@abi: i got my book back already. No I'm not taking a pic of him nor with him thank you very much. Would love to hit his head with my book but later his mum sue me how?

And I so did not wear heels ok. I wore flat sandals. The lousy straps are like damn uncomfortable if u walk for too long.


I love high heels. Dun care if it kills me. Its too chio =PP and the damage is nvr to the extent of the laoya golden sandals =P