Saturday, September 6, 2008

Flowers, Bunnies and Votes

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just watched Hanadan Special and am tearing up all over again omg best romance drama ever I swear and I cannot wait until the movie 'Hana Yori Dango Final' finally comes out in DVD. So unfair ok why even SG gets to have it playing in their cinema and here doesn't?

I thought JE always comes to L.A. occasionally so can't they just play it here at the very least? I want to see MastuJun and the other 3 F4 on a huge screen ok and omg Makino is so cute I so love the chemistry between her and Domyouji (Jun). I love his character in Hanadan haha so ridiculously stupid, arrogant and vulnerable at the same time.

Hanadan is love love looooove~

Anyway, mailed your package yesterday Ammy and have given a hug to usa-chan before I stuffed it mercilessly into the envelope. Had to wrestle the envelope to get the whole rabbit in together with Abi's shirt and other stuff till I thought of loping the ears off your bunny and maybe an arm or leg and sending them to you in separate envelopes. Much easier imo. Of course I would send you a needle and a spool of thread together with it too! Am not that cheap to ask you to buy your own set of needles and thread =PPP

I assure you the color is a deeper shade of pink than this.

I think the ears are probably severely bent to the right by the time you receive it but it has metal wiring in them so maybe you could re-stuff it back into the envelope with the ears bent to the left for a few days? Then it would revert to its original center position no? I am so sure there is some Newton laws of physic on this theory of mine.

On to other things, I'm gonna vote in the upcoming elections yo!

No for your information I have absolutely zero interest in politics cause everyone seems like a sleazebag to me after my polsc class and ever since I've completed that course I kissed the political world goodbye.

So why am I voting then?

Simply to aquire my CA state residency which one can earn through voting or obtaining a driver license. Seeing as how I mangled 2 bushes the other day with my driving, I would be 90 years old when I finally obtain my license so voting it is! =D I need the state residentship ok so I needn't pay a cent for out-of-state college tuition fees which is currently costing me a pair of knee high boots, DS Lite and dozens of new outfits I could have bought with the money =C So I don't really care who wins the election as long as I get my residentship =)

I know, irresponsible voter alert wth.

Oh wells, welcome to the life of poor college students wth.


abi~ said...




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Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, u are going for voting?

Ammy said...

waaaa usa chan is on his way omg omg ohmygod icannotwaitcannotwaitCANNOT WAIT HANA I WANT USA CHAN NOW NOW NOWW!!!

Ammy said...

i can't stop looking at usa chan's picture. HANA I WANT USA CHAN!!!

hana said...

@abi: I WANT DS LITE!!! but like ammy said, I am too cheap to buy it lol sigh maybe one day I would. Next year maybe. When I become less of a cheapo hahaha. But I dun really like PSP so DS Lite it is =D

@akira: yeah bopien i wan my residentship what to do lol XP

@ammy: my hats and scarves leh???? You know on second thought, maybe switch the scarf with leggings? wth i have no idea let me check my local malls about the leggings stuff first haha.