Friday, September 26, 2008

I Want A DS Lite

Friday, September 26, 2008

Because I need something to play with while waiting for my ride and because of this:

When they finally get around to releasing that game, I am so going to the nearest gadget store to buy the first DS Lite I see

PS. After much googling, I discover that the one who sang the super turn-on 'YEEE-AAH' was Changmin omg that voice is pure ahem. That's it. Something is wrong with me and voices. I'll probably marry a voice if I could, only you can't and it won't be much fun talking to the air all the time while a voice booms back at you.

Omigosh, that sounds like God. Or at least my impression based on sit-coms and movies.

PPS. I totally regret deleting most of my DBSK songs. I've totally forgotten how cute they are and how nice they sounded till I went back and re-watched all their MVs and hilarious Japanese TV shows. Now I have to re-download everything again. Sigh.

PPPS. Totally unrelated but it is not a good idea to go to sleep on a hungry stomach thinking you can escape from eating (and not get fat) if you sleep cuz who ever felt hungry while asleep? But reality is you'll start having food dreams and end up eating your pillow instead, dreaming it's a cheeseburger, and only to wake up feeling twice as hungry than before with a now soggy pillow and a mouthful of feathers.

Someone should create pillows that can turn into food as soon as you sink your teeth into it. Really. Because feathers aren't the slightest bit tasty at all.


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, TVXQ!!!! I love Hero!!!
Their new song Mirotic is damn nice!!!

Abi~♥ said...

yay DSL DSL DSL DSL!!!!!!!!

yay!!! i'm gonna get it!! yay!!!!!!

oh pls dun tell me it's made for fun =(

Ammy said...


hana said...

@akira: OMG YOU LIKE TVXQ???? Hero again LOL. Yes yes I LOVE MIROTIC, so HOT! =DDDD

@abi: It's fanmade ok. They should consider it though cuz I swear I will buy it without a thought.

@ammy: LOL.

Lance said...

the video got a bit problem....

hana said...

@lance: no, its perfectly fine....

lol your computer has problems =PPP