Saturday, September 27, 2008

I ♥ America

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Went grocery shopping today ^^

I love my new sunnies! Ok so they are a bit lighter than intended sigh have to search for new ones when I'm free. It's like super see through once the light hits it thus spoiling the 'I have huge chio eyes' illusion I want to give off. Discovered that I only look good in this particular style. Stupid ok why can't I wear huge Paris Hilton type of sunnies without looking like an alien?! *grumbles*

Koda Kumi 'Last Angel' sunnies

I WANT!!!!! OMG I WANT THIS. Lousy shops here cannot find something like this. Or maybe I just didn't search hard enough. Bah.

How cute! Chocolate wine bottles with liquer inside it.

Anyway, I know I always rant about how difficult it is for me to adjust to the different way they do things here but truth is I love America. I really really do ♥ Do you know how cheap things here are or not??? If you make an average 1000 a month I swear you can live 20 times better off compared to M'sia where you need 5000 and above to live decently. Provided you own a house and don't owe any debts of course.

Dog? What dog? It's the size of an effing lion can? 49 bucks only.

Plus they have like every single thing imaginable here. Sure, certain technologies of theirs like cellphones and stuff may suck but country advancement is not based on that. Srsly, I have no idea what is left for them to make anymore. And the affordable prices omg, yamaha pianos sold at 1000, cute small portable karaoke machines at 200 I think.

Omg build-your-own-gingerbread-house. I am so buying that for Christmas.

Plus the glorious food!!!! Hello? 12 bucks for a tin of Denmark biscuits the size of half a pail. Prettily wrapped Belgium chocolates at 11 bucks. Salmon at 9. Super huge (I really mean HUGE) King Crab Legs at 10 I think. 45 pieces of (different variety) sushis at 13. Various Christmassy goods at 15 bucks and less. Books at 20 and less. Lovely outfits at affordable prices! Ok you guys can start praying for me to get a job this winter season so I can airmail a ton of Christmas goodies to you. Srsly, I am itching to buy presents for friends and family back home. So pretty! And che-- affordable! And unique!

I am staying here forever....Ok maybe not forever, depends if I earn tons then I shall maybe move back to Malaysia so I can build a castle wth since you need like 3 million to buy a house here which is smaller than my current one back home.

Omg Sha!! Tell Hsiang I found the perfect book for his career!!!

The whole time I was shopping? I kept wishing all my friends and cousins were here with me. I kept thinking how much fun we could have fawning over all the food and super unique stuff here like tree houses, Christmas lawn ornaments, stupid Halloween decorations etc., poring all over the super fun and unique books like above LOL, greedily sample all goods at the numerous free sample stands and ramble about parties we can host in our free time since everything is too darn cheap for your own good here. It's like 100 times funner than the Spring and Boulevard which are nothing compared to here.

And so in the midst of my euphoria, I suddenly felt empty. GAH I WISH I CAN MOVE ALL MY CLOSE FRIENDS AND COUSINS HERE AT WILL =C

I love the Breast Cancer Foundation. Really I do
♥ So much PINK! Everything is pink ranging from kitchen utensils to vacuum cleaners and juicers and other electrical appliances omg I want a house of my own damnit so I can pinkify my way through it. They even have pink stationary goods and other various goods cuz this is just a small section ok srsly America is pink heaven yes I can stay here forever.

Oh shaddap I am not an ahlian wth *sulks* And why are my sunnies slanted to one side. My face slanted hia? Hmph. Also, I need a higher nose bridge. Sigh. Wonder if those Japanese high nose bridge machines thingy work....

PS. NEWS 'Happy Birthday' single is out and you can get it here. I love 'Game of Love' omg electronic sounds and lots of Tegoshi woahing/oohing/yeahing in the background =D Oh and DBSK 4th album 'Mirotic' is out but I am lazy to upload it. Shall only do so if someone asks me for it. It is also full of love. Sigh. I am happy~


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Your daddy has a blog too????
I already bookmark it
Going to link his site soon!

Mei-Wah said...

yes i love america too.
forever 21 is damn overpriced here.

Faye said...

Ah yes,land of affordable good stuff, also known as the first world. The same things here would be more expensive due to exchange rates, amongst others. This is why first world dwellers are so lucky. :/ I mean, a tankubon of manga is like, $10? Once you convert, add shipping and other things, the same manga is RM34. Over there you get $10 and hour at McDs. Here you get RM2 and hour at McDs. No comparison. And thats a rather trivial example, there are more things which are similiar to it. Which is why so many people are trying to emigrate out. This is what is meant by 'wanting a better life (for the family etc)'. Ok enough ranting I'm sure you all heard this before but I had to let it out. Lol. :P Have fun shopping.

hana said...

@jerome: You can. But his classes has started so I doubt he'll update as much as before *snorts*

@mei-wah: I have yet to see a forever 21 store here though =P

@faye: LOL COME ON OVER. America has space for you =D Yeah, tbh its the shipping fees that make US goods way expensive for other countries, Australia included from what I heard.

But sigh America is entering a deep recession now. Don't think life for the people on a whole is gonna be as chipper as before lol.

Yes I shall have fun shopping. I'd just discover a Little Tokyo in downtown LA where all authentic Japanese stores and stuff are located there and I am in the midst of making my dad take me there lol =D