Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday~♪

Thursday, September 11, 2008

NEWS latest PV is out!!! Yes it's called 'Happy Birthday'. I know, like wth cheesy title ok swt but then again its NEWS, if anyone can pull it off, they can Plus at least its better than 'Happy BATHday' ok wth which was what they put as the slogan for their Kose bath products commercial creating a flurry of 'wtf this is the title?' in the fandom.

Too bad its 'rose'. I personally dislike 'rose' fragrances. Oh well, money saved.

I personally think its a ruse to make us fans feel relieved and go all 'thank heavens its BIRTHday and not BATHday' and feel all loopy happy instead of 'wth Happy Birthday is like the lamest title for a single ever -roll eyes-' which is what we were supposed to say in the first place. Very smart JE.

In case you are new to the Japanese language, they pronounce 'birth' as 'bath' ok so you can sense our incredulity when we initially thought they were serious about having 'Bathday' as their title like srsly.......wth?!

Anyway, here's the video =DDD

NEWS as usual is super effing adorable as always
but really, WHAT IS THIS???? *speechless*

Screw you JE you no money izzit??? This is a sorry excuse for a PV ok I am somewhat sadfacey here srsly this is like Arashi's standard which normally consist of them dancing randomly amidst a backdrop of animated gay rainbows and hearts or colorful lines. Fyi, I do like Arashi ok despite the lameness of their PV's cuz the songs are still nice.

Arashi. See? If that is not gay I dunno what is...

Speaking of Arashi, I think I now know why NEWS PV turned out this way. JE must have used up NEWS PV fund for Arashi's 'Truth' PV which for the first time in the longest time turned out to be actually decent this time round coz it was used for the drama 'Maou'.

After watching their past few PV's (Wish, Love So Sweet, We Can Make It, One Love) I wouldn't be surprised if their next one turns out like this:

I swear one day JE might do just that.

Anyway, NEWS PICSPAM!!!!! Cuz they are so effing cuuuuuute!!!!

Everything is animated as you can see thanks to cheapo Johnny *grumbles* Crappy set looks like the dollhouse cutouts I use to play with when I was a kid and is it me or has dear Tegoshi shrunk??? He's kinda stumpy in the video. Massu on the other hand is like so adorable in here, look at him trying to eat the plastic burger in the 4th pic ♥ Bah Pi go away that is Tegoshi's spot hmph and why didn't you straighten your drama hair temporarily for this PV??? =C

Tego's hair is back to dark brown!!! I am HAPPY =DDD Shige's hair is a less atrocious blond too thank heavens but please go back to black. I hate blond hair on any male Asian star with the exception of Jae Joong. I hope Massu never goes blond since so far he is the only one yet to do so and I love him for that ha.

Totally agree with everyone that the lighting and arrangement suck where half the time, the members behind are blocked so we are unable to see their cute antics as seen in 'Weeeek' and 'Summer Time'. I dunno about you but this has got to be the most hastily thrown together PV I've ever seen.

You know what would make this scene even cuter? By cutting Ryo out =x I like him and all but I srsly don't like RyoTego which half the fandom likes so much. And lately, I have no effing idea why, its always MassuPi and RyoTego from icons to wallpapers to a zillion other things and now it has even spread to this PV - if you pay attention. ROAR!!! GIMME BACK MY TEGOMASS!!!

What it should be =PPP

I don't care hor, Tegoshi and Massu should always go together like they were from the very begining. Both of them complement each other so well on-screen all the way from their personality, cuteness, silliness, to the perfect harmonization of their vocals. Tegomass ftw =) Ryo can continue sticking to Pi.

Yes ok there is a shot of every member with this scene at the end but I am lazy to screen cap the rest =PPP Anyway in all honesty.....I still think the concept for the PV is kinda, ok fine, very lame and I think I actually like their Kose commercial more than the actual PV *gets bricked*

Please ok I hope this is the first and last of such PV's of theirs or my laptop space capacity would find itself steadily increasing lol.

Nevertheless, the song is still lovely and NEWS is still super cute and total

**Download the song here and the PV here**


P/S: Happy Birthday to 3rd sis who turns 12 today!!! God bless~

P/P/S: Happy belated Birthday to Levin also haha NEWS WISHES YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO lol.

P/P/P/S: I srsly died laughing reading everyone's lj post on NEWS' PV hahaha. Everyone agrees that this PV is lame although adorably cute simply because its NEWS.


Anonymous said...

i agree with you! i REALLY prefer TEGOMASSU than ryotego. ^_^

thanks for sharing the pv! i sooo love it!!!

abi~ said...

wei.. my ryo chan T_____T i love my ryo chan~!!!

haha ew i dun wan ryotego also wtf is the fans blind! =.=

hana said...

@anonymous: YAY TEGOMASS FAN!!! =DDD And you're welcomed. NEWS stuff should always be shared lol.

@abi: I know right? If I have a dollar for every number of fic where Ryo takes Tegoshi's virginity or what shit I would be rich ok swt.

Stupidest pairing ever.

Abi~♥ said...

nooooooooo ryo is straight ok!! T____T i hate his hair omg its an abomination T____T so ugly makes him look like ajumma T___T how could he!!!

n pi-chan wit curly hair? nvr expected tht lol.

ugh i dun wan ryo wit tht hair he looks so old!!

i wan his hair in SUMMERTIME, their best mv ever!!!! T___T

hana said...

Oh pls all of NEWS is straight ok. And if heaven forbid any of them should turn gay, it won't be ryotego.

And yes ryo hair damn ugly in the pv. like so damn old lidat swt. and pi hair was for his drama but damnit he wud straighten it for the pv at the very least.


sharon (^.^) said...

know anywhere to download princess hours in english subtitles??

been seeking this for like 3 months.. :(

Bridge Schmidt said...

Happy Mid-Autumun Festival Hana =)