Thursday, September 4, 2008


Thursday, September 4, 2008

I ♥ History class!!! Am so glad I took that instead of Humanity ok though I still feel like taking it next sem. but omg the teacher for History of Japan/China/Korea is super nice and cheerful I just know she would be good =DDD She can speak Mandarin again cuz she needed it to be eligible to work for the CIA and stuff. Anyway, I like her =)

Economics on the other hand is hell because daddy failed to tell me in time to never take Asian teachers classes and now I am faced with, to my horror, 4 bloody exams, 4 quizzes, 8 papers, and endless posts to be made onto an online forum. Initially I was smirking inwardly when I first saw him cuz he looked all sissy and soft spoken and so I thought that this class would be easy till I saw the syllabus. CAN SRSLY CRY OK T_____T

Other classes are so-so only so thats about it I guess. Have a hard time understanding the maths and econ lecturers though cuz their Indian and Korean accent are quite heavy it takes me 5 mins and 10 sentences later to get what they are talking about -_-

Anyway, pictures from last Sunday's picnic where we were invited by friends from another church.

Did not eat any food except the rice and curry we brought because I cannot stand the sight of burgers and hotdogs or even pizzas anymore. The thought of it makes me queasy. Every party or events I go to I am served with these 3 same things oh help me. Dislike ham sandwiches now too and to think I loved it so much last time. But I have to eat it every other day for lunch ok so not kimochi T3T

RICE FTW!!!! =PPPP Oh no the pic above has nothing to do with the previous sentence.

Cheese sticks or I think it was string cheese? You don't bite it off. You peel it and it'll break into little stringy pieces hence the name. The middle one is totally disgusting though. Dunno why people like to make horrid tasting food. Its a crime I say!

Totally irrelevant pic since this was taken during the 'make your own sundae' event weeks ago but never mind shall just slot it here. Oh shaddap I know its ugly lar wth I greedy mah want to put every single available topping how???

GREAT HAIR DAY OK SHALL CAMWHORE KAOKAO. I realized that if I just push my hair up as shown in pic I look a heck lot different. Ok maybe not sooo different but different. Am so buying pins and combs later this week ha

I absolutely love the messy background cuz it looks so artsy fartsy~

Smile's kinda weird but never mind, I love my hair hair hair.... I think this was later in the day though cuz my curls kinda flat here =C

Insert random pic of volleyball court. Turned down the offer to play cuz the memory of being brutally hit by the ball endlessly last beach party still lingers.


Pretending to look away and succeeding at it

My pretty french-tips ♥ Real nails ok took me effing forever to file and paint them.

Eeee I notice I have double eyelids here wei!!!!

I kinda love lazing around in the sun more and more provided there is shade. Its so peaceful I would have stayed hours there lying on the sweet green grass had not daddy had to rush home. Bah.

I love my hair here ok so perfect. Am happy. Good hair days makes me happy =)

Oh by the way, bought some crystals I have been eying for a while and now my few gadgets are all blinged out.

Stick on crystals cuz I can't be bothered to glue them on. Super expensive too. Like 9 bucks for 300 pieces. Can't find cheaper ones =C

Wanted to do a flower design for my lappie but doubt I have enough so I didn't. I know what you people are thinking lar wth, as if the thing is pink already not enough now still have to make it sparkle and shine then happy. I think my classmates find me very amusing lar and always turn to me whenever I rummage in my bag for something trying to see what more pink things I have wth.

Oh well, that just means that I have to continue getting A's no?

Shall study hard this semester like always. Wish me well ^^


Akira 思胜 said...

Nice picnic lor, but in Malaysia only can see Malays are doing like that... sigh~~

Abi~♥ said...

haha i LOVE u hair there. yea u totally suit the push-up-hair look since u've got nice forehead.

unlike dawn yang hahaha gives metal head a totally diff meaning xD

oh oh i LOVE the pic but i lazy count which one, the caption is "Pretending to look away and succeeding at it ✧"

i was like "whoa is tht hana?! *looks closer* omg it is!" and i thought u've bcum a cow or a hippo whichever comes 1st =.=

ur younger sister (the one after ariel) so cute!!!!!!!!!

Ammy said...

eee arent you supposed to put something on rena's face?

jason said...

you like SEJARAH? xD

Abi~♥ said...

oh bout the mumble thing, zard txt me saying tht the toy exhibition is over liao.. sorry!!
n u wanna noe wad take its place?


cat exhibition.. T___________T real life cats. n she say all fat fat one n can hug n take pics.

and im here telling u bout it T__________T

by the way do u noe how 2 put "labels" at the side bar?

Mei-Wah said...

good hair days really boost our confidence level and make our day a pretty one! :) how i dread to go out of the house when my hair is so not in order~

picnic, sigh, as Akira was saying, Malaysia is not suitable for picnic. other people might think that:
1. you are weird.
2. you got nothing better else to do than frying yourselves under the sun.

hana said...

@akira: yeah I agree with you. Its weird to do that in Msia.

@abi: oh oh oh am slowly morphing into baby hippo lol so im going jogging weekly now =PPP And thks for the compliments. Shall wear my hair like that everyday wth lol. And you mean the 3rd one? You're kidding right? The 4th one then cute =P

@ammy: nah she have sunnies already.


@abi: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *cries* and omg fat cats I sense someone is ecstatic now.

In the new blogger, you just select the add label element and it appears.

@mei-wah: I know!!! XD I have no mood when my hair is on the frizz lol.

Yeah Msian culture is a bit diff from here. There isnt significant picnic spots for you to do so =P

Plus all asians hate the sun I think.

abi~ said...

ahhhhhh im using old blogger ah~~~~

nvm then =)

i noe rite fat cats omg ='(

abi~ said...


U MADE MY DAY SERIOUSLY was super emo figuring how 2 put the labels and thank u!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhh hanaaaaaa ilu~~~


i will do anythin for u *beats chest*

hana said...

@abi: haha you're welcomed. Omg u serious make your day with just tht tiny thg omg then im happy to have done it for you lol =D

ANYTHING????? Tegoshi+marriage certificate. Or maybe Massu just to spite Ammy =PPP

Oh wells when I need your help I will call u lol =PPP