Monday, August 25, 2008

Blood Types

Monday, August 25, 2008

So I'm going for blood tests and all that shizz tomorrow morning. Meaning I cannot eat anything for 6 hours prior to all the tests sigh no breakfast I feel like crying =C Plus right after all those medical tests I have an appointment with the dentist and I hope the surgery would be postponed because the last time 2nd sis went for it, she came out looking like a horrible chipmunk and was reduced to eating baby food for a week. I confirm cannot survive without rice ok so I'm hoping for some miraculous act whereby I need not undergo the surgery.

Anyway, one happy thing about tomorrow would be the blood test! After 18 years, I will finally find out which blood group I belong to =DDD Am very curious ok after watching all these shows where they always refer a person's personality to their blood types lol. So far the only blood type I know is the B type cause NEWS are forever mentioning it in reference to Tegoshi's blatant selfishness and self-superiority lol. And in Ouran there was a mention of Kyoya and Hunny being AB I think. I know there is a chart somewhere about this, let me find it....

Aha, here it is:

Hmm, interesting....I wonder which type would I fall under

Anyway chart aside, I fervently hope I'm an 'AB' ok. Cuz then can receive all blood groups =) I remember the first time I learned about blood groups back when I was a kid, as soon as I reached home I hounded my parents and asked hopefully if they were 'AB' to which they say they can't remember what type they are =C And I kinda panic and worriedly demanded next to know if they were 'O' and was super effing happy when they say they definitely weren't =P

Like heck I want to be 'O' ok. So what if can donate to all blood groups hor what about me leh? 'O' is like effing rare ok I think and the fact that it can only receive 'O' types is so not kimochi. I've always wanted to be 'AB' hor I don't care if people are forever frowning down upon 'AB' types as selfish ha I'd happily be selfish ok if being selfish means a higher increase in my survival rate

Be so generous for what anyway.....I want to be generous out of my own will and not through something I have no control over hor.

Anyway, am somewhat happy for the blood test since the fact of knowing I'm definitely not an 'O' was enough to keep me contented over the years from finding out more haha. Yay, would soon know my blood type! Hope I won't get a stupid incompetent nurse this time too (-_-)

Wish me luck that I'll turn out to be AB~


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

LOL.When i was in form 5,
I did a blood test experiment.
Mine is " AB "! =)

hana said...

eeeeeeee how you do it?

anyway lucky you. i hope im the same

LCH said...

hana, i think your will get type A since i c u so quiet in class last time..

hana said...

@lch: noooo but i wan AB bor....haha quiet...u didn't see me when i was in form 1 to 5. teachers always complain how noisy i was -_-

eiChi said...

lol~ i'm the test done in one of the Bio classes in form 5 XD

hana said...