Friday, July 11, 2008

Sunshine Through The Rain

Friday, July 11, 2008

Am greatly happy today because I've finally gotten over 12 hours of sleep yesterday night. Happy happy happy =D Been sleeping for around less than 4 hours a day ok trying to complete papers and stuff over the week. 2 more weeks till summer school is over =DDD

Anyway, anyone heard of msn blocker before? So annoyed la who so kepoh go create it har? I 've just spring-cleaned my msn list and deleted over a 100 contacts and now this thing can incriminate me hmph. But I've run a check on it on the net and apparently its some sort of hack program that can harm your computer muahahaha so sucks be to you if your msn went haywire cause of it. Eh people block you then block you lah. What for need to know?

And just so you know....I am NEVER online. And if you happen to discover that I um deleted you please don't take it to heart. I'm just sick of the box popping up endlessly telling me so and so has just signed in ok. I don't want to put 'busy' leh how? Cause I still want to be informed if my friends (who I chat to) signs in =P

Went shopping last week with daddy and bought summer dresses!!! I still feel half naked walking around in them I swear even though it has two huge straps and only expose 1/4 of my back. But still!!! Been wearing long sleeves in Msia all the while but here all shirts are skimpy just like that so like it or not also have to change style.

Plus its all picked out by my daddy anyway so I guess its still decent even though I don't feel like it. Just need some adjusting to. Funny how I see other people wearing super exposed tank tops and feel that its perfectly decent on them but when it comes to me I feel weird.

I love the malls in the asian areas. GOT PEOPLE OK! The malls in my areas are like sibeh empty ok. Probably cause Caucasians all shop online maybe. They even buy their PROM dresses online srsly where is the FUN in that?! -_-

And the malls are waaaay larger than Boulevard and the Spring nyahnyah =PPP Hurts like anything your legs I mean after shopping for an hour cause the stores are all so far apart.

Sian I have no idea what to write about anymore and my posts gets more and more mundane every passing day but my life is just so settled down ok I also dunno what to complain or hark about hor! Maybe I can rant about the stupid photography method here. Went to take a family portrait yesterday and I'm still miffed cause I look horrid and wanted to photoshop it right there and then since their skills are obviously inferior to mine kuakuakua. Instead of the usual 1..2..3 they have to use a NEW method of snapping pics....

Like telling you a joke and when you laugh they go and SNAP THE PHOTO WITHOUT WARNING. aldaldkajldjqldjqa ok I am MAD here cause it's NOT pretty. Maybe they want a natural look but I say ^@!*@ natural looks! I want the huge doe eyes with small secret smile demure look how?! But they simply WON'T take the pic if we don't laugh oh dammit *exasperated* Maybe the laughing look works for them cause goodness knows angmoh eyes are huge enough to afford to laugh but we are Chinese lah ok if we laugh our eyes becomes slits T___T

Keep telling us every photo is simply 'beautiful', 'gorgeous', 'lovely' while me and my sis expressions gets darker by the second.

Just how do they define beauty har? Cause I'm guessing we are not on the same page hmph.

Anyway, went to the other side of the mall for dinner. Yes, all 3 buildings are linked making for a never ending mall.

Biggest frying wok/pan/thingy I've ever seen:

It's a self help place so we get to choose the amount of food we take (fixed price) and being the greedy person I am I took like a mountain pile of ingredients but the guy beside me more pro ok he took like 5 times more than what the bowl could fit. Like a mini mountain ok!!! *salutes*

But apparently the owner of the stall gets the last laugh cause when he is done frying it, the portion is the same you get back in Msia...... Smart people freeze all the meat and stuff so it expands and when they fry it, the moisture evaporates thus reducing everything in size back to normal so you are NOT getting more than your money worth =C

Tell me what you think of this song? It's in English lah despite the Japanese name. I think it's super romantic and I love the melody cause it feels so carefree and spirited! Like in a field with a gentle breeze blowing through your hair as dandelion fluffs flutters around you and your other half in the midst of the setting afternoon sun. But Ammy says my idea of romance is warped cause the voice freaks her out T_____T

IT IS NOT OK. That melody is super soothing wth. So ethereal. I love songs like that =D

The singer is not real by the way. She is a computer generated image and her voice is a mixture of several Japanese artists synthesized into 1. Her songs are all in English which I don't understand why since it's a Japanese band but whatever. You can check it out if you like the music.

On another note, I want to write ok! I really really want to write. Since I have no talent in drawing. But I suck at dialogs. Oh and sad news, I cannot take Japanese classes this fall cause it's 5 units and too damn expensive. 1000usd ok!!!! Must wait till next year where I finally qualify for CA residency and the fee would be 100 instead *sad*


Who wants some crappy iPhone when you can have those instead. I'm hovering between the 2nd and the last. Someone tell me how much they cost cause it's the prettiest thing I ever saw~♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

Pretty meh? Ugly leh, Hana u no taste. MWAHAHA

eunice said...

Hi Hana! I agreed with you that those shopping malls in U.S or at least those in Virgina (Fairfax county) I visited last summer, are very empty, not like our Asian shopping malls! And they very good life hor, those retail shops close at 6pm on Sat and don't open on Sun!

p.s: your chatboard can't leave message now. :)


hana said...

@sis: Shaddap.

@eunice: lol good life meh? I find it so boring since I have ntg to do at all. And you are welcomed to use the comment box as often as u like since I like reading comments here instead of the chat box haha.