Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dreamin' Away

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I never thought the day I would be addicted to online shopping would come T_____T It started out with a laptop, then textbooks then usa-chan and now I'm bidding for nearly everything that catches my eyes cause it's cheap, fast and easy.

60px of nose pore strips for 18usd ok where can find? Here a box of 6 strips costs 8usd sigh.
Can you imagine plastering a dollar bill onto your nose only to toss it into the dustbin 5 minutes later for every 3 days? 1 ringgit still can afford lah but 1usd is a bit too much. Can buy like 3 huge packets of popcorn for 99c ok which would probably give me 30 times more the enjoyment than seeing all those annoying blackheads pulled out from my nose which although equally as satisfying is still not worth 1usd.

At least NOT when you can get it for 3oc apiece online ^^

Went grocery shopping at Costco again yesterday and was being all crazy stupid with 2nd sis hunting out all those free samples stalls (eh, I got free smoothie, ice-cream and a bunch of other things on my last visit ok) when we came to the fruits section and thought of a 'thought'.

What would happen ar if you were to pick up an orange or a banana and eat it right there and then? The place is so big you don't see the workers at all and if you were to toss the peel back into the box the cashier wouldn't know right???

Imagine them putting the sensor thingy in the banana so when you walk out of the store, the alarm would sound and they would have to swipe your stomach with the price scanner thingy and make you pay for it hahahaha.

Ok on to other things.......

Omg I want a Mumble plush!!!!! Don't you think its the most adorable toy ever? I want it! Don't want the baby one. I want the grown one with it's cute soft brown eyes and oh wait, is the above the baby one? Then I don't mind either ^^

aldajgshdaslasdaka!!!! I WAAAAAAANT!!!!! I think it is perfectly normal to have a huge penguin plush toy since my sister have a huge teddy bear too. I am serious. I want a plush toy. A MUMBLE plush to be exact which I can hug to sleep at night =) I already have enough doggies and bears beside my pillow liao since that is what everyone seem to give me everytime they buy me a plushie.

I wish somebody would upload the Japanese dub of Happy Feet too =C Because I can't seem to find it and don't want to ruin the story by watching the English one. I don't care if its not subbed I. want. the. Japanese. version.

And a Mumble plush =D

Update: You know life is awesome when you seem to always get what you want just like that despite how you may not have much hope for it in the first place. Latest thing to add to my super long list of happy incidents lately:

Someone just uploaded the Japanese dub of Happy Feet. With SUBS again. Right after I ranted about wanting it.

Life is just super wonderful atm *bliss*

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