Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tag You Tag Me

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2 tags to complete atm!!!!

First tag is from M3!mEi. Have already completed a similar one before which can be found here so I would just answer those that were not included in the previous tag ^^

1. If your lover betrayed you, what would your reactions be?

Feelings of shock and hurt ----> talk it over ----> fix it or break it. It all depends on the level of betrayal.

7. What is the one thing that pisses you off about the opposite sex?

When they throw their rubbish anyhow on the ground omg this one really really irks me A LOT ok and I don't see girls doing that so I shall put it down as mainly a guy trait. Like sip drink till cup empty then toss on ground. So uncool can? In fact I detest this action so much I am at loss for words now cause I am shocked at how someone can be that inconsiderate of a person really it's horrid. How would you like it if someone were to drive by your house and toss their rubbish into your compound? Really, this is the ONE thing I cannot overlook in a person ok.

9. One word to describe yourself.

(a mass of) Contradictions. *Not to be confused as being hypocritical*

10. What is the most important moral value you learned from your previous relationship?

Be yourself.

-End tag 1-

Ok, next tag is from Ryan:

7 facts about me:-

* hates to lose and strives too much for perfection till
sometimes it blinds me =(
* indecisive when it comes to buying stuff or choosing from a menu or practically anything
under the sun that isn't work/study related for that fact
* sleeps with a night light
* feels sleepy after drinking caffeine
* obsessed with numbers (must have some sort of order. dislike randomity)
* somewhat bias/stubborn. If I like something/someone, everything about it is awesome. If I
don't, nothing you do or say can change my mind.
* goes into dream mode when listening to songs and gets irritated if someone were to interrupt
my dreams.

Yes lah, for the past 18 years of my life I sleep with a pink night light lah ok. Am really afraid of the dark ok and when my night light bulb soisoi burns out at night I am thrown into a frenzied panic state ok and resort to turning on the main light in my bedroom the whole night long. Plus I HATE blackouts too and I just wait silently under my blankets and as soon someone open their bedroom doors to check the situation, I close my eyes as I dash madly out of my bedroom shrieking.

I don't sleep with a night light anymore this year though!!! *triumphant smile* Ok fine. It's cause I am sleeping with 2nd sis now and she refuse lights of any sorts at night plus I've decided that her being 16 is old and big enough to scare off for me the bogeyman or whatever random things should they appear. If it were anyone younger than 15 in the same room with me then I don't care hor, out with the night light ok.

7 things that scares me:-

* dogs
* looking up when in high areas (have no problem looking down but up? goodness no!)
* having to wear glasses
* thunder and lighting
* insects (omg this sends me positively screaming)
* people who aren't normal
* the dark

I said I love dogs but at the same time I am afraid of them tons. Ask any of my close friends. There is only a selected few which I am not afraid of simply cause I can handle them and they don't go around chasing me trying to lick me to death like 98% of all dogs who sees me. As for glasses, I notice my eyesight is deteriorating slightly lately but I refuse to see a doctor ok later he says I have to wear glasses then how????? *stubborn self kicks in*

7 songs playing in my mind lately:-

* Miss You (melody.)
* Summer Time (NEWS)
* Bokura no Uta (Tegomass)
* Next To You (melody.)
* Kiss (Tegomass) *then again it's my ringtone so you do the math*
* Born 2 Luv U
* Xin Li You Shu (Fahrenheit) *oh shaddap I LOVE aaron yan immensely ok*

I know. I am addicted to melody. But she is the FIRST female singer I actually really like ok. I never care for female singers cause I am a girl lah and am better off fangirling about JE guys but melody. is like the epitome of the 'IT' girl to me. You know that silly question where people asked 'who would you like to be for a day?', I never had an answer for that but now I do ok! I would so want to be melody. if only for a day =P

Most female singers are either slutty or the typical 'cute' type which I don't really like. Neh for example the SDSN or was it SNDS(?) Kpop girl group. I admit that they look cute (though eerily alike I suspect they share the same plastic surgeon) but I just don't like lah ok. Not someone I would trade my position for.

But melody. cuteness/sexiness/sweetness is the one I envy. I think maybe it's cause she matches my lifestyle closest. Asian but with western influence. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii (like me ok! =D) so unlike many Japanese singers, she stands out to me cause she doesn't have the completely typical Asian traits but still retains part of her American identity. She is imo what I call hot. Pretty, sweet yet independent unlike the 'shu nu' image most Asian stars project =D

7 valuable things in my life:

* my laptop
* my cell phone

I really have no idea what more things I consider valuable anymore liao leh. I have tons of things but I don't think I really care that much about it. In fact, a laptop and an internet connection is all I really need =P Shall just shoot off whatever random thing I can think of now...

* my diamond/ruby jewelries daddy bought me maybe *never wear them though due to laziness >.<*
* my Jay Chou merchandise *spent all my money on him & not a cent on NEWS/Tegomass. Something is wrong here*
* my camera?
* my GAHH I DUNNO LEH!!!! The huge pile of accessories my friends buy me over the years?
* my Tegoshi posters and drawings of NEWS eichi gave me.

I dunno leh. I love buying stuff but the novelty of it wears off very fast too. Love material things lots yet don't really care much for them afterwards once I have them *confused*

I think what I really love is traveling or sight-seeing. Something adventurous. I am nothing but pure happiness when going places instead even if its just jungle trekking =)

7 'first times' in my life:-

"..........." Omg I really have no idea on tons of things and am stumped with all these questions. Anyway, this question is too vague in general so I don't know what exactly it wants. Plus some secrets are meant to be kept as secrets.

7 words/things I always say/use:-

* You think?
* oh my goodness
* go die lah
* nani
* okay/ok
* eeee so cute! (overrated but addictive)
* chioness

Ok done. I know there is another thing I am supposed to blog about but I cannot for the life of me seem to remem--- OH TEGOMASS GOT NEW SINGLE CAN?!!! Omg Johnny please just give them an album for goodness sake so I can show my support in buying something for once because no way am I spending a cent on singles. NOT when there are only 4 songs and costs about the same as a full album. Yours truly got better things to spend on la hor like dresses! Plus there is this stupid marketing idea of having a LE and RE edition and fat chance I'm buying both simply because each have one extra thing the other don't. And I hate having to choose so might as well don't buy at all so no feelings of 'maybe I should have bought the other edition?' which would drive me crazy I tell you.

It's a ballad again. Sian leh! Why can't their upbeat songs be the main single? 2nd sis says cause it's because they can't be all cute, fluffy and ghei (their selling points) if they were to sing an upbeat song. Gah. I love them lots I really do but there is a limit to how much sappy love songs a girl can take ok -_-

Will blog about my shopping trip in my next post kthxbai.

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