Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jay, Scams and Tags

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spent the entire night coding stupid 2nd sis blog and what do I get in return? 'EEEE! Why the entire BG not sky but blue color nia!!!' Omg go die lar you ungrateful doink *sulks* And yes she practically copied my layout so it feels like mine wth only blue in color instead....



Oh and I'm not going to the party tomorrow anymore because the entire thing sounds fishy. They refuse to give me the full name of the church despite my insistent asking, citing there is only ONE baptist church in LA. Eh hello? I got google map ok! And I googled for churches with that address and pfft so MANY Baptist church ok and none with that address omg it really sounds super fishy cause they keep rambling on and on about 'how fun it would be/many college students/how fun it would be/for students to get together/ HOW FUN IT WOULD BE' wth I decide how fun it would be can? It's like the party no main theme.

Later turn out it's a cult with spiked drinks and wild rampant sex then how??? Am calling them up later to decline. I super value my life ok.

Felt like an idiot talking to random people around campus yesterday la ok. The things Sociology class forces you to do. Omg I HATE that part of the class. Anyway I should stop being bias la ok because I practically ignore this guy who looks like some Taiwanese to me in favor for some other girl as a target so my friends chose the guy in the end and........ turns out he is Japanese la ok kladjalsdladalda.

Gaaaah I promise never to judge people from appearance anymore. Either that or get glasses cause he looks blurry from where I was standing. But even so he looks like a Chinese blur. Meh. And I just didn't want to choose Chinese guys because goodness know how rude they can be like the few whom my friend chatted to.

Speaking of rudeness, OMG THE GUYS HERE SUPER CHILVARIOUS CAN?!?!?! They always hold open doors for you, let you pass first, greet you even if they don't know you, press elevator buttons for you, ask if you need help when you look like it etc. omg total surprise ok! A far cry from the (most) guys back home who just ngong ngong look at you when you are like carrying a stack of chairs ok omg such things would never happen here ok *in awe*

Oh and my things from Ebay are all arriving one by one! omg love Ebay! Like the cute pink mouse I bought to replace my old one which short-circuited few months ago:


99c only for such chioness!!!! Siao ok.

Anyway, another tag from Mi3mE! again ^^ Yes, I love tags cause they give me something to blog about when nothing super special happens in my daily life. You can skip to the how you are connected to Jay Chou thingy at the end of this post if you want lol. Oh and I deleted all silly questions which I found pointless hee~

Real name: Hannah

Siblings: 3 annoying lovable lil sisters and 0 brothers. I want an elder bro la!

Shoe Size: 8 or 9 here I think. I never really got the conversion thingy.

Height: 172cm. Dammit I'm still above average height here for girls *irritated* Cannot wear heels ok super annoyed because that would attract immediate attention from everyone in the vicinity since the girls here mostly wear flats.

Where do you live: Southern California

Fav drinks: Sour-sop drink omg MY ABSOLUTE FAV
Besides Teh-C Peng~♥

Fav breakfast: Laksa, Kolo mee and I don't wanna go on anymore T___T

Fallen asleep at school: HAHAHAHA. I shall entertain you with stories since I am bored. Yes I fell asleep during EST classes back in high school due to the humid weather. I meant to shut my eyes for a min ok but ended up falling into deep sleep where the teacher took 10 minutes to shake me awake as she panicked and thought I was unconscious before I woke up groggily and glared blearily and angrily at her thinking it was Nasha.

But no, I wasn't reprimanded but was instead showered with concern hahaha see, maintaining a good relationship with teachers are useful in times like these hee~

Fell off your chair: YES. Some moron thought it was funny to flip my chair and I almost hit the ground flat before regaining my balance at the last minute where I grabbed a broom and chased him all around school. So friggin mad ok and yes I was 15 that time but wth who cares, people in my class were still playing Star Wars with brooms at 17 srsly best classes are filled with weird people -_-"

OMG WAIT I REMEMBER ANOTHER INCIDENT!!! This time I really fell off my chair completely and I bet dear Nasha would so kindly remind me of that fact too coupled with laughter. It was in Primary 2 where I was sitting at the back and was balancing myself on the back two chair legs, swinging back and forth before losing my balance and flipped over backwards entirely onto the floor.....

Was laughing when the teacher asked me if I was alright before bursting into tears seconds later as the pain finally register itself in my brain. It HURTS LIKE HELL ok T_____T

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No. And for the record I absolutely dislike phone calls. Even from people I love. I just dislike chatting on the phone ok especially if I just saw you this morning wth. Unless its weeks of not seeing each other then fine but 2 days ago? What am I supposed to tell you then? I've brushed my teeth 4 times since then? Ate a burger just now? Honestly....

But most guys have this assumption that all girls like phone calls and would call numerous times and then expect me to lead the conversation -_-" Eh you call me lar ok you do the work and churn out topics ok. But after a few years it finally sunk into their heads that I dislike phone calls and I was left in peace once again ^^ I love you ok but give me some space can?

What is your room like: I shall talk about my room in M'sia cause it's painted a baby pink shade with an entirely pink bed with white curtains dotted with pink flowers and white furnitures pinkified with pink things................

I miss my room =C

What's right beside you: *glances* Nothing interesting....

What is the last thing you ate: Burger. Sian I am SICK of western food already. Don't care if I can't eat it for 2o years. Gimme rice or take my life.

Like picnics? : YES YES YES!!!! Anything outdoors in the midst of nature is love

Last person who made you smile: 2nd sis. It's hard when she's ALWAYS in my face annoying me with her endless nonsensical rants. Oh yes she is annoying lovable to me =P

You last yelled at: Probably my sisters. Something along the lines of 'Shaddap lah and wait your turn!' when they try to kick me out of the bathroom =PPP

Best feeling in the world: Contentment.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Yes. And I WANT A MUMBLE PLUSH to add to my collection ok I'm not kidding when I said that. So friends and family of mine.......*hint hint* =P

What's under your bed: Nothing ok I am such a neat person! *kicks huge stuffed turtle out of sight*

Who do you really hate: No one really. I just dislike you a lot but if I don't see you then haha I forget you. Am quite of an out of sight out of mind person. Haih am easily distracted by things in front of me mah what to doooo? *shrugs helplessly*

5 snacks I enjoy:

OMG I DON'T EAT SNACKS OK! How dare you even suggest that?! *aghast* Snacks are oily deadly food filled with FATS FATS FATS *shudders violently* Heck I don't even eat! Hahaha just look at you pitiful people who indulge in eating tsk tsk I have so much more self-control then you, just look at my skinny chio frame *smug grin* What do you mean snacks like a banana is ok?!!! A WHOLE banana?! Siao. Too much ok! FAT!!!! Half is already considered a lot lor hmpf.

-rolls eyes sarcastically-

Anyway, I love those granola bars (who knew healthy food could taste so good!), ang tao peng, rojak, char kueh, dim sum like XIAO LONG BAOS =D and the peanut pancake thingy omg dunno the name for that but its super crispy and delicious and I'm a sucker for those even if it's like 50c for a piece which is so not worth it but omg it's heavenly. mmmm...... Oh shut up and stop reminding me that here don't have....*hate*

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Direct transfer to private universities
2. Immerse self in the material things of the world
3. Buy a house in Japan
4. Travel around the world
5. Shower my family and extra close friends with gifts

And and and do stupid things I've always wanted to do like rip a 100usd into pieces, buy a crate of china ware and smash them against the wall when I'm in deep frustration to see if it does make you feel any better, smash a guitar on ground after a performance, fold dollar bills into lil airplanes and throw them out my window etc.

5 of my bad habits:

1. Coiling my hair with my fingers. Cause I'm afraid my curls 'zao heng' ok.
2. Checking my appearance in every shiny surface I see~

3. Fidgeting when I'm bored.
4. Propping my legs up on the chair I'm sitting on. Oi super comfortable ok! But not in public lah.
5. Balancing on only two chair legs.

Yeah just when you thought I've learned my lesson not to after that Pri 3 incident but I DID OK! I now lean forward and balance on the front two legs instead =DDD So mostly it's other poor souls who get their foot injured when they place it near my chair and I unwittingly lean back down again right on their foot hahahaha.

5 places I have lived in:

1. Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Kuching, Malaysia

And thats all. Siao ar 5. Who lived in 5 places before? Ok maybe Americans since most of them are always moving due to job requirements.....

Lastly, I tag Ammy and silly 2nd sis. Now both of you can stop whining about not knowing what to blog about.

-end of tag-

Btw, speaking of Sociology, recently we learned about the '6 degrees of separation' concept where everyone is believed to be 6 steps away from each other only. (Oh yeah? How am I 6 steps away from Tegoshi huh? Don't see that happening)

Anyway he was giving illustrations about how we are connected to all Presidents in the world and Kobe Bryant through him who knows people who knows people who knows them. All in 6 steps away or less. But haha so funny la ok the professor was feeling all smug about proving that concept till one guy went all 'then how many steps away do you say you are from Osama bin Laden' HAHAHA and he was stumped lol I love the way angmohs think XD

Honestly this theory looks flawed to me lah ok till I discover that I AM 3 DEGREES AWAY FROM JAY CHOU!!!!

You know his movie 'Secret'? My neighbor's aunt acted as the mother of Lu Xiao Yu in that movie ok! Which means I>neighbor>her aunt>JAY! =DDDDDD

So congratulations, just by reading my blog and knowing me, you are now 4 degrees away from Jay =P See, everyone is connected lol. It's a small world after all, a small small world~♪ Hee ^^


Akira 思胜 said...

I love the movie Secret! It is so nice and touched my heart!

sharon (^.^) said...

omg omg omg omg.. i wan ur mouse and laptop..!! how much u bought ur mouse!!!! convert to RM okie.. LOL i'm bad in maths!

and can i have your hp charm.. OMGggg *swoonsss*

hana said...

@akira: i love it too! The ending was unexpected which was more love!

@sharon: i bought it for 8usd meaning around RM28? I dun really knw the conversion rate for ringgit liao lol.

haha nooooo i love my hp charm!!!! lol XDDDD

u shud shop using ebay. the prices are cheap! =DDD

Ammy said...

dammit hana i still hate you for getting such a chio BUTTERFLY charm. go away. *shuns*

hana said...

I know. CHIO RIGHT??? *smug*

I so totally got that with you in mind.

To kek the stuffing out of yoooou hehehehe