Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stupid Cult

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Guess what? The church which invited me to go to their party was a cult after all. Took me 15 minutes of endless clicking around the internet till I uncover the name of the church (shall not state here cuz who knows later kena sue) which they were so insistent on hiding from me. One look at the webpage already looks creepy to me. The colors were all wrong ok.

So I called them up to decline immediately and the siao ding-a-ling WON'T LET ME OFF THE HOOK CAN?!

Me: Hi I'm calling to tell you that I won't be going to the party anymore tomorrow. Sorry.

SDAL: Why? But you promised! I don't understand why you can't go anymore! You PROMISED! Just come ok? You'll enjoy yourself. Come ok?

Me: I'm sorry but I decide to go to my church after all as usual.

SDAL: *desperate* But why? I called you before and you said yes. It's gonna be so much fun!!! Just come!

Me: Yeah, I know it would probably be fun but I DO NOT want to go.

SDAL: But we prepare the food already! You can't just back out. I don't understand. You can't just let the food go to waste. You have to come!

omg you gotta be friggin kidding me ok. One person food nia. What they serve? Shark fin meh? Abalone? Lobster? Jelly with gold ar? Talk as if one plate of food cost 1000usd. And how much do you think I even eat? Siao.

Me: Yeah, I understand and appreciate that but I AM NOT going ok. I changed my mind.

SDAL: I really don't understand.... Are you afraid of the driver? Cause if he looks scary you can just don't get in the car you know... He would be picking you up tomorrow at 9am ok?


You're telling me that there is even a possibility of a scary driver?!?!?! wth ok! My level of NOT wanting to go just went up to 150%. What kind of decent church makes such suggestion one? The idea of a criminal looking guy should not even exist in their books ok!

Me: I don't care about the driver. I said I AM NOT GOING. Sure you can come but I'm NOT GOING and I'm being nice here informing you so you won't have to waste a trip. I am going to my own church tomorrow.

SDAL: But you don't to go to church every Sunday right

Oh tell me he did NOT just say that...


SDAL: But you wanted to go to the party in the beginning right? That means you don't want to go to church every Sunday. So why don't you come here instead? It would be so much fun! You should come! You have to come! It's so much fun!

aldjasldjadjadadas did he just use the guilt tactic on me? ME?! How dare he! He so totally force me to go ok! Plus I thought there was gonna be praise and worship like youth groups so of course going to that is about the same as church plus its a one time thing only. But honestly by now, only a fool would still believe its a respectable church. Forbid people from going to church wth what kind of logic is this??? Plus people don't want to go then don't want la hor! This is a FREE country ok and I have the rights to say no wth.

Me: Look here, I will be attending my church tomorrow and won't be going to the party. Now goodbye.

SDAL: *gives up* Ok fine.

And just when you thought it was all over? He came to my apartment today and tried to persuade me to go again. But he got my daddy instead HAHAHAHA since I was still sleeping. Tried to give some lame excuse to my daddy about wanting to speak to me if I received their emails when daddy told them I won't be going. My daddy didn't care what they said and chased them away.

Total BS ok. Email. Go die lah ok they totally refuse to give me their emails when I asked them to email me the info for the party wth and now they want to confirm if I received their email? Oh and I presume they got my email add by chanting around a bonfire the night before and saw my email add appear in the middle of the fire?

This whole incident just shows how different America is from Asia. The nicer the people are here the more you should be wary because all super nice churches here are mostly cults. It's a totally different place from M'sia where everything is straightforward. Here the rotten ones are just downright wolves in sheep skins. Sigh, America can be super scary at times. One wrong move and your life can be ruined forever. Sigh...

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