Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Feet, Happy Me

Friday, July 18, 2008

HAHAHA I finish all my stupid papers liao!!!! 7 different bloody long term papers in 12 hours total I think. Or less. I mean all hours from everyday added up lah. All I know is I am so deprived of sleep, my eye are turning into those of a racoon's and my skin condition is getting worse. I dunno why I keep shedding skin lately? Is my snake nature starting to show or what? Would my tongue split into 2 prongs later too? Or maybe its just sunburn from walking back from school everyday.

Still have one more paper to go for Sociology. Damn stupid ok we have to break social norms so I have to go around chatting people up at random pretending I know them and gauge their reactions for my paper. Siao. I am so introvert can? But at this point hor, where my present state of mind is that of a zombie, I seriously don't care anymore. ASK THEN ASK LOR. Make me dance the Haptic Dance on the escalators also can! Jump queue at supermarkets also can! Go stuff myself in the center of a couple's conversation also can!

Ok maybe not the last one. Later the girl claw my eyes out.

Anyway, I've watched Happy Feet liao! And how dare you all say it suck it's so awesomely fun ok! Ok fine, so the storyline kinda sucked a bit cause I seriously don't get the whole 'save the environment' plot stuffed into the middle of the movie out of nowhere. I mean, shouldn't the movie just be about how the penguin manage to prove the awesomeness of dancing and get the girl in the end? Why got humans one suddenly? WHY? WHY? WHY?

But omg Tegoshi was sooooo cute and looked so pitiful when he was caught into a zoo that I nearly cried. Eh, I mean Mumble. But omg that has got to be the saddest scene ever I swear I wanted to smash my TV screen to grab the penguin and hug it. And that Gloria so stupid one abandon Tegos-- I mean Mumble just because of the one stupid sentence he said for the sake of her. If it were me, I would stubbornly stick to Te-- Mumble and follow it all the way to the north pole even! Or is it the south? Anyway, to the other end of the opposite pole.

I love the baby penguin!!! I want one! I wish there were silicon plushies instead cause then when I prod it, it would go pyong pyong pyong so fun ok. I love how T-- Mumble was made to have half his baby feathers on and his face still remain the same when he became an adult ok because the other adult penguins were ugly imo. And the penguin so looks like Tegoshi ok! Got the same cute dumb look. Not that Tegoshi looks dumb but um ah......nevermind.

See, both look the same~♥

Yes, I purposely choose this scene~ Multiply.......*raises hand immediately to volunteer*

Um not with the penguin though...

See! Very similar can?


OMG I WANT A MUMBLE PLUSH. Yes I am an insane fangirl so sue me.

His voice was total love ok during the movie except when he sings lah honestly Tegoshi can zao xia one meh? I thought his voice is like flawless. But so funny lah to see the penguin zao xia =P Like 'find me somebody to loveeeeyaaakkkk' then the whole colony all went 'MUMBLE!' HAHAHAHA before asking him to take a flying leap hahahaha I love that part. No really, I find it super hilarious hahahaha XD

My sisters says Tegoshi's voice was kinda flat compared to that gay Elijah Woods *mad* so I just might watch the English version during my Summer hols just so I can say that Tegoshi totally pwns Elijah in voice acting judge for myself.

Stupid DVD rip didn't play NEWS Hoshi song but the original English one instead which is super crappy btw. Biasness! I mean the DVD producer and not me la ok.

Anyway, some people invited me to a college student party on Sunday so yay fun fun fun =D

At least I hope so. Am afraid they might abduct me to some god-forsaken place instead since I know naught about the roads in LA *worried* I um dunno them? But they say they are church people! Anyway shall just jump out of the car should I foresee any danger heehee~

Ok I want to watch Tegoshi's drama special now ok oh why is he so cute?! Baibai♥


Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, that is funny!!! You took the penguin and made a comparison with them... hehe...

Anonymous said...

how bout penguin in batman movie??

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Oh, Happy Feet is a nice movie. I watched it with my nephews and they just enjoyed it to the max. They're only little so they don't care much about the storyline, lol.

hana said...

@Akira: Cause I wanted to prove to my friends that the penguin DOES reminds me of him lol

@creax: Omg that one so ugly la how can lol XD

@bridge: It IS nice but the plot was kind of unconvincing and pretty thrown together at the last minute imo. But hey, the penguins are cute and my fav. Japanese celeb does the Jap. dub so I'm happy as it is already ^^