Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dockweiler Beach

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
To those who want AAA's songs and PVs because goodness knows how hard it is to find anything of theirs, I've since posted a few download links in the AAA post =)

Ok now to the beach post. Went to Dockweiler Beach on Sat around 5pm for our church's Bonfire Night. Not sure if this was the beach NEWS visited on their last trip to LA but the guardhouse they posed in front of look quite similar leh. Anyway, carpooled with 2 elderly people because my family needed 2 other people to help them with the navigations so not enough space for us in the car =C

You know what? Contrary to what I use to believe, I discover I really dislike classical music after all *makes face* Cannot even listen to Nissy's voice on my MP3 player ok because the guy went and turned up the CD player volume midway till all I can hear is unearthly 'fa la la la' by some opera singer gaaaah super frustrated ok! Omg I would have probably strangle the person nearest me had I not been too busy battling with myself from falling asleep. I always thought classical music was soothing but baaaah it's horribly dull.

The beach is really long ok it took us forever to walk from the right side of the beach to the left as it's separated into 2 sections. The right side is um normally filled with wilder people while the left is all the rich angmohs with their RVs so it's more peaceful there =P Yes, America is still as segregated as ever imo despite what they say.

The left side of the beach. Less crowded as you can see =) And omg the sand...THE SAND DAMN HARD TO WALK ON OK! And no I don't mean hard as it's hard but hard as in your feet keep sinking deep into it making it hard to walk and everytime you lift your foot, it feels like lifting a 20 pound weight. Omg can become skeleton if you were to jog here everyday. No lah, forget everyday la, 16 hours would probably do it since I gave up walking after 20 minutes feeling like I just climbed Mt. Everest. Actually I doubt you can even run because I nearly fell when I tried skipping my way through thinking that if I move faster, I won't sink into the sand =D Didn't work though. =C

I told Lei that maybe it's just because we're too fat *sadface*

And the sand looked soooo good to walk on again.....=C

I won't choose the beach as my ideal dating place liao cuz so unromantic one these kind of beaches cuz cannot do the lovers running towards each other action here because confirm sure either run out of breath halfway or loose your footing and fall face first into the sand. So unglam ok. Hmpf.

Oh I know how it feels like! Like running in water!!! Now you agree hard not?

EEEE GOT SO MANY BIRDS!!!! Yes I very suaku ok cause Kuching beaches where got birds one. Me and Lei (2nd sis) consider running through the group of birds neh you know like those photoshoots where the birds would fly around you as you run through omg so chio ok but then stoopid Lei have to go and spoil my moment by going 'later the birds all peck you to death instead' -_-

So I didn't. But I DID go around chasing a smaller group of birds hoping to catch one but silly creatures run so fast!!!! Hmph.

The beach is surprisingly.......COLD!!!! Now I know why people always go to beaches during Summer, its absolutely freezing ok. I always thought they were idiots because ming ming weather so hot still go beach for what? Relish being cooked alive ar? Apparently the beaches are not like M'sia where the humid weather makes it hot all year round haih why oh why am I so ignorant of such knowledge????

Birds decided to go home liao~ Happily snapped endless shots of them before running away like siao after they started swooping down towards me.....

The sea/ocean (sorry lazy to find out the difference till now) is smelly -_- Like the smell of sickly old people (the medicine kinda smell) combined with the smell of Kuching's school toilets. It honestly stinks la ok and it beats me why there are still people happily playing in the water srsly their nose all got air purifier one hia?

BAYWATCH people!!! lol ok no lah but like scenes from Baywatch not meh? Little boy got injured btw.

Me trying my pouting skills which is so fail compared to Abi's super cute one hmpf. That is Lei's shades la ok which explains why it looks weird on me srsly I WANT A PAIR OF SHADES darn it but everytime I go out on shopping trips with my parents, I never come across any sunglasses store and the very time I decided to stay at home instead, they ran into a sunglasses sale. #!$&@!*!&@#!* ok :sulks:

Fishing for hotdogs haha why their bbq apparatus so funny one!!! It makes the hotdog looks obscene hahahahaha. Or maybe thats just me *shuts up abruptly* Anyway I think I don't like my blouse anymore liao after looking at this pic. I bought it cause I felt super skinny in it
and now I know's because it looks like a shapeless potato sack la thats why! -_-

Look, helicopter! Yes I dunno why I take such kehliao pics also...

Look, got airplane too! LAX -I dunno why it's LAX and not LAIA, the former sounds like a soap name can?- was nearby so every 3 minutes there is a plane taking off. Scary not? Imagine if it suddenly dropped leh? How far you think I can run? Ok I should stop thinking depressing stuff wth.

Nah, I'm all happy smiley again =D

Randomity is what blogs are made of =)

How come I didn't see this in Kuching? Someone tell me if there is pink lemonade in Kuching? I should have so serve this for my 19th birthday back then!!! PINK DRINKS OK! Cho kawaii~
♪ Delicious too! Got this tangy flavor unlike normal lemonade which taste sour only =DDD

My DIY french tips is chioness~
♥ I am so in love with French Tips now, it's so simple and classy looking Oh the chocolate biscuit is yummylicious with it's butterscotch filling. I have a thing for butterscotch ok cause I grew up reading Enid Blyton's books where butterscotch candies always make an appearance in most stories =P

2nd attempt at pouting =PPPP

Volleyball picture which I took.....

And volleyball picture 4th sis took -_- Like WHERE IS THE BALL LAR?! And the other team leh???

Oh here she is! What lah will never ask 4th sis to take photos ever again. And yes I photoshop the volleyball in or not so stupid ok me standing there like dolt lidat =P

And we discover that we really suck at volleyball. Half the time we never caught the ball and the other half was spent running away from the ball *looks pointedly at Lei* and the only times we ever caught the ball was spent crouching on the ground yelping in pain 2 secs later at the impact of the ball.

OMG VOLLEYBALL IS A VIOLENT GAME OK!!!! My wrists almost snapped in half hor and my whole arm was lobster red after minutes of playing T_____T

Nightfall is coming liao but no one wants to go home and more people came by the beach instead. Wild parties were held on the other side and I even saw a few police cars stopping by. I wonder if like CSI, the next day there would be a dead body left behind???

But true bah! It's so dark ok and wild shrieks are heard every few seconds so even if you were to scream for help, people would ignore you thinking you're just messing around. I will never ever go to a beach party with friends. Well, at least not those night ones.

SO HAPPY LA OK I FINALLY GET TO ROAST MARSHMALLOWS OVER AN OPEN BONFIRE *jumps around in glee* For 15 long years I've been waiting for this very day ok ever since I read this Mickey Mouse go camping book when I was a kid and there was a pic of Goofy, Donald and Mickey roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Omg can die happy liao *delirious*

MY VERY FIRST SMORE!!!! And no that is not my hand la. Omg smores are deliciously sweet and very very very messy =P I had marshmallow bits stuck all over my face and hair (stupid wind) and chocolate dripping everywhere lol but it is so worth it la ok!!! I can say I've eaten an authentic bonfire smore liao. Am one very happy happy girl atm 0(^^)0

Yes I
HOT PPLE too lol. Well, actually I like cute people better now that I think about it....NISSY ILU XD

Singing songs round the bonfire
♪ This was the moment I lost my voice too. One second I was singing at the top of my lungs and the next moment I cannot make a sound T____T Must be all the heaty food I've been eating all day long..... Or maybe someone got sick of my voice and cast a voice-loss spell on me T________T

Nevermind, even if mute I can still camwhore heh~♪

Went home around 10pm and was forced to put up with classical music the whole way back again *grimaces* Honestly I HATE OPERA SINGERS!!!! I don't care if their pitch can break glass, I cannot hear what they are singing about anyway so it's the same as the caterwauling of a cat in heat imo and thus equally as annoying.

Will never listen to classical music even when I'm old hmph.


Akira 思胜 said...

Good outing at the beach there, and the beach is so big! Hehe, still got space to run if tsunami attacks...

sharon (^.^) said...

i wan the 'heart' brush

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh.. where's ur chatbox?

anyway.. earthquake ah.. bcareful oh..

faye said...

.....want S'mores.......


Leira said...

PIG. u lie. din take my pic off.

hana said...

@akira: lol even if so big also hard to run when tsunami come haha.

@sharon: ok will upload it for you soon.

@kimmy: oh i took it off for a while. too much spam =PPP and yup, hope no more earthquakes ^^

@faye: HEEHEE~! you can try it over a gas stove? XD


eunice said...

I always see Akira as the first commentator in many blogs hehe! Kudos!

So much fun on the beach! And the "fishing for hotdog" is something I can learn about for my next BBQ session hahah! Oh ya, you look slim in your blouse, that was my first impression, even before reading your comment that it looks like a sack. Anyway, you are slim!! :D

Ammy said...

bah. so unfair. you could've just banned that bridge b****.

hana said...

@eunice: lol u wanna try tht fishing thg? I still think the normal metalk rods are better haha. and oh thx for the compliment lol. haha guess I shall keep the blouse then ^^