Sunday, July 27, 2008


Sunday, July 27, 2008

I very lazy to continue editing my beach pictures atm so I shall now rant about:

AAA latest PV 'MUSIC!!!' which finally came out on Saturday omg the song is SO NICE can? So summery and dancey-feely =DDD

No it's not a JE band obviously cause got girls in the band too so don't say I never blog about girl singers hmph. Plus they are not part of an entertainment agency but a record label instead so the guys not that ghei =P Anyway, I accidentally stumble upon them while browsing for the latest jpop music in LJ communities. Dunno why AAA sounds so familiar though.....Anyway, I gave 'Welcome To This World' and 'Crash' a try and it was instant love cause its so upbeat =D

Then I went browsing for their PVs and came upon 'No End Summer', saw Takahiro Nishijima and made it my favorite band right there and then liao =) Omg that guy is super cute can?! I instantly like him MORE than Tegoshi. Yeah until a new video of Tego comes out which would draw me back again

I so wanted to create gifs of Nishijima la ok do you know how cute he is in that 'MUSIC!!!' PV or not but stupid gif programs dunno why keep saying my video file is corrupt. %@^!*@(!)!@!#

gah how come the shirt didn't drop lower?!

His dance skills is awesome. Since he used to be a dancer I think. Not sure since I'm lazy to search about stuff relating to him because he is cute enough so who cares. And I shall now spam you all with endless pictures of him just because hee~

Nishijima aka Nissy

I know. Why his nick so sissy one -_-

I think he just might be cuter than Tegoshi

Cuter than Massu even....*flees from Ammy*

He reminds me of Koike Teppei la the longer I look.

Oi don't look at the other guy lar ok!

I know the other guy IS hotter but he looks almost perfect

And I don't like flawless guys

Not cuu~ute~

Seriously why is he ALWAYS with Nishijima in photoshoots?


Because he is the better looking one in pics.


No I do not know the names of the rest of the members lah ok you go and wiki them yourself. I like Nissy only~

You can download most of their PVs and albums here. But if you don't want to go through every song of theirs, you can try some of my personal favorites here which I've uploaded =D :

1. Crash

2. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

3. No End Summer

4. Music!!!

5. Sunshine

6. Q

7. Welcome To This World

8. Welcome To This World (83key Jump Over Mix)

9. MUSIC!!! PV

Eh now I suddenly remember where I heard of them! One of the girl member confessed to Tegoshi before but was rejected. Hahaha. But who cares about that now.....

Nishijima is ♥ =P Shall go watch some of their other PVs now~


Akira 思胜 said...

Just wondering, u wan to marry a Japanese guy? hahahaa...

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Too bad im not a gay boy...
If not, i sure will like all your japanese guys!

May♥ 25 said...

ENG ENG LIAO hana u're so fickle haha how dare u say me gok xD

1st it was pi-chan then it was between massu and tegoshi

and nowwwwwwwwww



btw i wanna create gifs too!!!

teach me =(

levian said...

japanese guys are so adorable, especially those in dramas. XD

hana said...

@akira: YES YES YES!!!! XD

@jeromefo: haha gay boy. no lah dun be gay lol.

@may: I AM NOT FICKLE!!!! I love Nishijima only~♥ Pi, tegoshi and massu who????? I dunno them leh...

and oh when i know how to create I will teach you *beams*


abi @may25 said...


hana said...

No abi I am SO NOT EVIL. This is rich coming from someone who like Ryo a lot then suddenly ditch him for this TOP guy *sniff contemptuously*

Ok so maybe I change more times than you At least um mine still all Japanese? what kind of lame excuse is that i also dunno

Anyway, I dislike Pi. Honestly, even Ryo is better than him now =PPP

But still.....TAKAHIRO NISHIJIMA PWNS ALL!!!!!!!!! *raves like a lunatic fangirl* XDDDD

abi said...

i hav a feelin u'll like someone with long hair next.

the girlier the better?



=P hana i wanna see wad ur future husband would look like!!

hana said...


And nooooo, tegoshi is the girliest a guy can get. I dislike korean stars cause wth more sissy than japan ones buay tahan ok. Plus Tegoshi still has lots of guy qualities which is why he is love~


well if I play my cards right.

oh and if life always grant wishes, then he would be japanese, cute, have a mixture of both guyish and feminine side, A NICE VOICE and and and CAN COOK DAMN WELL!!!!

but that would be too good to be true.....

so ho-hum.