Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pasadena Chalk Festival 2

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ok here's part 2 of the chalk festival ^^

The guy who finished his drawing the fastest! People were still drawing their outlines and he is already putting the finishing touches on his.

I used this drawing to practice my camera skills ok and took like a gazillion shots of it to try imitating the pros on the net who are able to make the drawings look 3-D and I think this could be considered somewhat 3-D:

It looks as if she is standing no? With the exception of the slanted looking head lah.

PINK!!! Anything pink and fluffy looking ALWAYS gets my attention!!! ^^

Your typical Miss Bimbo. See the make-up brush she is holding to her cheeks?

Completed drawing. Again I repeat, majority of the completed drawings pictures were taken in the night ok because yours truly wanted to keep her newly-found fairer skin the way it is =P And it is NOT my fault her body looks weird ok, it is the artist's fault for drawing her disproportionately.

Anime! I think. I keep thinking it was some random car racing anime but suddenly it strikes me now that GTO stands for 'Great Teacher Onizuka' right? The J-drama I never got around to finishing either in favor of Tegomass's 'Gachi Baka' which has about the same plot.

Crappy team which always loses. At least according to 2nd sis *shrugs*

I call it the 'American Portrait' because I seem to see this everywhere.....

Except this ons has a huge banana on it. The banana at least looks 3-D.

Yeahlar, yeahlar I am obsessed with how all drawings must look 3-D but blame it on the internet.

Frankly, I don't know what this is.

But she won for 'Best Colors' or something to that effect.

I am so tired here ok I want to sleep but here I am posting pictures up so some of you cannot complain I didn't update.....

Super realistic like ok it really looks like the guy is standing there looking at a drawing of the couple dancing.

It feels as if I can kick the maid and hear her actually cry out in pain lol.

Because not everyone are pros but still they deserve some credit so I snap away.....

Bruce Lee

HAHAHA! "Don't think! Feel~"

"Don't make fun of Bruce Lee!"

LOLOLOLOL!!! Sorry, inside joke for Tegomass fans only lol.

America's iconic hero Superman. And the cheesiest superhero ever imo -_-

Wait I take that back. This guy more cheesy.

Insert random scene shot:

Ok now to my one of my favorite drawings and winner of the sponsor category:

Guess what?

A. Friggin. Car. Ok. akdslajdlakjda

I know this is practically the same shot as above but the shot of the artist here is nicer. More even and spread out. Makes my picture looks more balances and artistic XP

And because I love this drawing so friggin much I shall now bombard you with endless pictures of it:

The full frontal shot

The bottom left corner shot

The front view shot

The bottom right corner shot

The realistic like shot

Are you sick of Hyundai yet??? =PPP

Ok one final pic for this post:

Cause the statue looks like it's a solid thing sitting on the ground. *3-D instincts kicking in again*

Ok it is 4AM now asdasldjala I am so going to bed now *yawns* Was up the whole night reading various political articles online for my paper. And I still manage to get this post up just for you. Don't you love me now? =D Will get Part 3 up some other day...


Akira 思胜 said...

The paintings look so real to me! Again, I wish to be there of course!

sharon (^.^) said...

i want to go ler. i mean where you can have this in malaysia.

hana said...

Hahaha put CA on your list of places you want to travel to next time XD