Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pasadena Chalk Festival 1

Sunday, June 22, 2008
Split this post into many parts because I don't have time to upload over 100 pics into one post so here's the first part:

I was clicking around the city's event calendar online and stumbled upon this Chalk Festival event to which I became all excited cause I've seen various 3D floor drawn pictures floating around the net for years and to think I can finally see one with my own eyes =D Naturally, I coaxed my daddy into taking me there =)

Apparently he knew about this event way before me through the newspaper and ignored it because he thought it was some tattoo event -_- Seriously, CHALK as TATTOO??? Silly daddy.

Anyway, I don't read the news because I don't really care for things that does not concern me but now I WISH I DID because I was totally lost during discussions in my polsc class and didn't even know who the heck McCain was.

I do now anyway cause I was forced to read up all their campaign speeches in order to write my paper so there. Hmph. I might actually consider voting in the presidential election in Nov. just so my stupid class won't be wasted.

Many people were there too as you can see.....

Both amateur and pro artists come together to show off their skills. This guy would be the intermediate artist imo.

wth recycled water?! eww...

Completed drawing. All completed drawings were taken in the night cause I couldn't stand the heat and went home earlier =P which explains the lesser quality of the photos.

More artists.... Some drawings were really pretty in colors but just plain demonic so I didn't take any pictures of it. So sad, to see such talents wasted on drawings like those =C

Hahaha. Fat naked lady who is too poor to buy a bathtub.

I don't ever want to be this fat. Dooooon't waaaaaant. But all the pregnant women here looks like thaaaat...... Can't I just be like The Sims 2 where I just twirl around and the baby magically appear while my body immediately return to my pre-pregnant state? Why nooot??? *sad*

Hahaha FREE Starbucks coffee!!! My daddy went all 'EEEEEH Hannah, got free coffee!!!' and immediately dragged me by the arm in line to receive our free drinks lol. In fact, there were many freebies during the event and naturally our kiasu instinct kicked in and we sampled all there was to offer XD

Correct me if I'm wrong but he looks like a Pacific Islander. I think I am getting better at differentiating races liao. The server for the next day was a Japanese guy =) Yes, I went on both days cause some drawings weren't completed till the 2nd day.

Mocha frappuccino makes me happy. My greedy daddy kept asking me to go in line with him again to take a 2nd time lol but I didn't. Don't want lah so siasoi la ok go so many times. The next day though as soon as he saw the truck, he practically broke into a run to line up for his free coffee again while smiling gleefully back at me. One moment he was walking nonchalantly besides me and the next I find myself suddenly alone *facepalms* Sometimes hor, my daddy is simply ridiculous lol.

I so want to return to Hawaii *pouts*

She looks Hawaiian to me too the artist I mean and she is super chio I like her ok.

She is the only one who worked alone so kolian I bet her back must have hurt from bending down the whole time. That drawing is huge ok.

Completed drawing. I kept snapping it from various angles to make it look 3D but am somewhat failing in my attempts to do so T_____T

Does this angle look better??? *sigh* Maybe I should consider taking photography classes.

Random scene shot.

Ha! Now this looks 3D! I got my angle right this time! The peacock body looks like it's popping up from the ground =D

My daddy say don't take the artist cause she is not chio (-_-)"

Final masterpiece. Chio chio chio! It looks somewhat 3-D considering that it was drawn on a flat pavement.

Ok will post the 2nd part up another day cause I need to study now *makes face* Yes, I am saving the best for later so the more gorgeous chalk drawings would be posted in the next post ^^


Akira 思胜 said...

You made me feel that I wanna go there now!! I want to see the drawings with my own eyes... Hehe...

And I want to have FREE Starbucks of course!

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

HolyShit!So beautiful =)
I saw it before in UK, London.
But not nice as your pic one.

durai said...

Nice pictures..your posts are nice and informative.. i like to spend ample time with your blog..

sharon (^.^) said...

omg so cool!! I want to go there too. I love these kind of things *swoons*

you're one lucky hannah!

Portia said...

Hi beautiful Hana, wow, what a very amazing work of art!chalk festival?i never heard it before.just, i am so amazed!!!thanks for sharing!soooo captivating are the photos!i love peacock and that peacock work is really super!!!!well-done,Hana!love your entry a lot!cheers!

Annabel said...

Eeek!! Omg, this is so cool. I mean, its chalks right?.. But still I cant get along with soft pastels, what more to say chalks..... -__-" lol

hana said...

@Akira: Lol the free starbucks! But it's small hehe.

@Jerome: Really? Then I'm really lucky then hee~

@Durai, Sharon, Portia: Thanks a lot!! ^^

@annabel: Yeah it's chalks! lol you can try =D Some of them were amateurs too leh hehe