Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes You Are Fat

Thursday, June 26, 2008
In response to Abi's post which struck bitterness in the hearts of a certain number of girls I now come up with the most solid iron-clad logic ever to end this ever present issue:

"If you have to ASK people if you look fat,

you most probably ARE"

Now you have to agree with me because if you are slim and hot trust me, you would get tons of compliments you've never asked for till being slim to you is like I dunno having a nose maybe where people can go all 'eee you can inhale!!!' and you'll be all 'yeah so?'. But if you have doubts creeping into your thoughts then like people always say: 'trust your instinct'. You are most probably what you think you are.

I admit I was guilty of the same 'am I fat?' thing last time but like heck if I care now. I may rant about how much fatter I am getting because it's all our deepest wish to be supermodel like but honestly speaking? I don't really care much about my weight anymore cause if I did I would be stick thin now.

IMO unless you're Kate Moss or something who earns a living out of being slim, you're just normal like everyone else where 90% of the population feels like they are not perfectly slim enough. So what if you get more guys attention? I've been through a period of time like that before and is it ever annoying when people you don't know harasses you. And so you get 100 hot guys, you still end up marrying one. Get pregnant, become fat -hahaha- and live out your life like how your 38293193719 ancestors before you did.

Plus honestly, do you actually feel better or less fatter when people tell you that you're not fat? My guess is probably no because if you felt so assured by it you needn't ask so many times ok because self-doubts are not so easily dispelled. Until you yourself consider yourself thin would you finally be satisfied so just shut up and start exercising lar ok.

And my logic stands simply because if you happened to be thin and knows it and some person came up to you and says that you're fat you would laugh him/her off but if someone were to do that to you and you feel insecure then yes you're not as slim as you want yourself to be which leads to my theory that if you need to ask then most probably you don't have the confidence that you are thin as shown in the first line. Sure, you might not be 'fat' but still no Kate Moss =)

So stop posting comments like 'I look fat' here and getting all indignant when people agree and mostly when you know you don't look fat in that particular pic although you may feel fat in that pic cause we cannot possibly seek out the hidden fats you are unhappy with ok. Just rant about how fat you feel you are without being afraid that people might think you're chao fat instead of hiding behind a cover of putting really really thin pictures of your legs maybe and saying it looks like an elephant's cause from where I came from, elephant legs so do NOT look like that hee~

Ok I've rant enough ^^


May♥ 25 said...

ahhh u r so swt!!! =.=

hana said...

ok lah ok lah. I move it back here lah. Happy now? =P

Anonymous said...

yes, happy =D let everyone see it! haha. btw u changed ur msnn address? add me! >.<

abi here btw, lazy sign in ny blogger xD