Friday, June 20, 2008

I Like Winter Better

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am so mad at the weather now *glares meanly at sun* cause it RUINED my plans ok!!! Daddy promised me last week that he would take me out today to tour Hollywood but then the weather forecast sent out an 'excessive heat warning' where the temperature is expected to be between 106-115 degrees Fahrenheit alsalkdjala like fever can?! So we are advised to stay indoors and drink lotsa water *sulks*

So here I am. Bored out of my skull with tons of papers to write with only random Tegomass clips as a source of relaxation.

alsjlsadjlada Tegomass so cute ^^

Best friends are awesome things in life

But MY bff leh? Didn't even reply my mails lately T_____T

Anyway, here's a tag I owe Yume since weeks so nah:

1) What is your ultimate fear?

Having no money. Not kimochi ok.

2) Are you satisfied with the way your life is now?

No. Well not completely satisfied. I want the day to have 30 hours instead of 24 and I want tons of friends like what I had in high school and I want to be slimmer! And...and...and...more clothes cause all my clothes from Malaysia completely cannot be worn here due to culture and weather differences ok!!!

3) Are you confused with what lies ahead of you?

No. Everyday my daddy would talk to me about my future and stuff so I'm pretty sure of what I'll be facing in times to come.

4) What's your ideal lover like?

Until today I cannot decide who I like better so both XD

Don't look at me. You said IDEAL hor!

Fine, since half of you won't know them I shall now summarize a list minus all the common things like loyalty cause those goes without saying:

Cute, humorous, have some fashion sense, easygoing, smart, 'adorkable', outgoing and sporty, Christian, a lil on the feminine/sensitive side? (yes like Tegoshi I don't care cause his thinking is so different from other guys haha even I don't think of half the things he thinks up so it would be so interesting lol), smiley eyes, nice voice and and and can speak Japanese XD

5) If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?

Make bigamy legal and marry both Tegoshi and Massu XP

Ok on the more serious side, being successful and happy in life =)

Honestly I dislike questions like these and I hope a genie doesn't ask me this because there is so many things I want to come true I don't even know where to start and my answers changes every few minutes cause I feel that maybe it isn't the best answer and maybe another dream would be better off coming true instead aslakdsajsa I am too indecisive OH WAIT!!! I shall just wish that my dream of having a genie of endless wishes to come true hee~

6) Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

Being loved by someone I guess. Provided it's not some stalker lah.

7) What does it feel like to be in love?

Happy and contented.

8) How far will you go for the one you love the most?

As far as I can go even if it means giving up my life because life without that person would be very bleak so why not give it everything you got?

9) Is there anything that makes you unhappy these days?

Yeah. That my legs are not as chio as before =C

Me back in 2004. I straighten my naturally curly hair -biggest mistake of my life- but that is not the point

See??? I wanna cry ok when I look back at my past photos ok where I am much much skinnier and the China one sucks the most cause my family are saying I look very chio in my winter jacket like the plastic-surgeried Koreans or something to the effect and forbid me to look in case I go into a crazy depression so I have to just take their word for it =(

I would also 'sun bian' kick down that clown of a hairdresser house too when I return to Kuching one day omg. Ruin my life aldjalskdja my hair is my life ok T_____T

10) What is your favorite fairytale of all time and why?

Hansel and Gretel. Because I love staring at the different versions of candy houses in various books XD

You know chapters in the textbooks back in your younger schooldays where they talked about class picnics, birthday parties etc and they would draw many pictures of food? Yeah, those were always my fav. chapters ever and I never tire of reading them over and over again as I imagine all those delicious food.

Honestly, I think I have an unhealthy addiction to food. Anything related to food is sure to gain my immediate fancy =P

Ok end of tag ^^

Actually hor, I don't really like tags at times because I can spend hours doing one simple tag as I keep changing my answers haih why am I like this one??? I keep pondering upon certain questions and suddenly find myself in a dilemma and I am glad didn't get Abi's tag where you have to choose between marrying a 'rich but ugly guy' or a 'hot but poor guy' ok cause I swear till now I keep thinking about that question at various intervals be it in the shower, church, classes, lunch etc. and I have yet to decide on my answer......


Maybe all my indecisiveness has to do with the problem of limited money and if I were rich then who needs to choose? Just buy in bulk kuakuakua.

Do you suffer from indecisiveness too?

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Timothy said...

Fahrenheit?! Aaarrrggghhh! Bloody Americans!