Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Life Recorded On Webcam

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Because I accidentally stumbled upon a folder of saved pics from our last 'fooling around with the webcam' session. And also because I am lame just like that ^.^

Once upon a lazy afternoon.....

Yes I am so rich I had my daddy buy me an entire city to play with...

Me sabotaging couple's romantic Ferris Wheel date by spinning them around like a hamster exercising wheel....teehee~

But I got tired of terrorizing people's life after a while and decided to fly over to Japan....

Aiyor, rich people use spaceship la ok ^^

Because Japan plastic surgeons are the best and being rich is not as glamorous as being BOTH rich and CHIO and I am tired of people saying my eyes are too small so after a few cuts here and there.....


asjklasd what is this?!!!

Stupid doctor! *screams for doctor*

:hours later:

I promise this time would be chio....



In your face all you large doll-like eyes people!!! MY EYES SO PWN YOUR EYES NOW!!! =DDD I am the epitome of prettiness now. Shall join morning musume and take over the entire Japanese female entertainment industry kuakuakua

Anyway, so pretty now so must camwhore kaokao ok!!!


Omg chio-ness!!! No need for trivial things like eyelid glue and false lashes anymore can?!

*points at 2nd sis and laugh* HAHAHAHAHA

Poor girl so pitiful still need to resort to cheap tricks like huge sunglasses to give illusion of huge doll eyes tsk tsk.......Me? I have huge eyes now! HUGE PRETTY EYES!!! Lalalalery ok *prances around in joy*

2nd sis: YOU SHUT UP YOU!!! I hope your eyeballs falls out from your sockets *huffs*

*sigh* Jealous people are so petty ne? Me? I am never jealous ok because jealousy is a hideously ugly green monster and I am nothing if not pretty :points at newly cut eyes: *beams happily*

But someone must have hated my newfound prettiness a lot and cast a curse on me because look what happened to me!!!!!

How can??? MY EYEEEEEE!!!

Save my HUGE pretty eyes omg what happened??

Had to undergo surgery and my eyes were reverted back to normal T_________T

Life is unfair.....Oh well, huge eyes are *sniffs* overrated anyway *sniffs*

Oh oh oh later that day we were ambushed by a werewolf and a ghost wth why does bad things keep happening to me???

It threaten to suck my soul omg so terrifying *burst into tears* but then suddenly out of nowhere came a savior......

wth it's superman ok!!! *shinning eyes*


Ahaha I'm saved! I'm saved! *cries tears of relief* =') I am so sav-----


Will never admire superheroes again. Totally overrated *stalks off*

Oh and in case you're wondering, both the ghost and werewolf couldn't believe the scene before them and DIED laughing at said supposed superman.

And that was the final event in our 'life on webcam' chronology.....

-The End-


Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, that's funny of u!!! I like the photo of piloting the UFO!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

WTF? Hana! What happened to you?
lolx...damn funny =)

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...
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sharon (^.^) said...

what pc r u using? MAC?
so cool lerh!!

hahaha the eyes falling so cool but scary at the same time. ur sista in the big sunnies is kinda like paris hilton in the making. HAHA

Portia said...

hehehehehe!very funny and so witty! cute lah!heheheh.thanks for sharing!

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

nice blog~ thanks for viewing my blog~
if got msn feel free to add me~ :D

Mei-Wah said...

hello hana,

good day to you! you are using Mac's webcam? it's so CUTE~ and both of you are so funny together! :) CUTE!

@ SmalL G!RL said...


BeverLy's Secret said...

OMG~~ damn creative girl!!
ermm..you should make fun of some of the bloggers too =.<

Miss Bimbo said...

the thing you did with the eyes are creepy

Anonymous said...


hana said...

@Akira: lol thanks. The UFO? It's on auto pilot =P

@JeromeFo: This is what you get when I am bored hahahaha.

@sharon: Nah, I'm using a pink Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. The pre-installed webcam was compatible with all these cool effects =D Paris Hilton!! Haha shall tell her that lolz.

@Portia: thanks for the compliment!

@Crazyfool: you're welcomed. Thanks for dropping by too ^^

@Mei-Wah: Nah, using the pre-installed webcam in my Dell Inspiron 1525 lappie lah. Thanks for the compliments =DDD

@small girl: LOL.

@Beverly's Secret: Aww thanks a bunches! oooh, make fun of who? lol.

@Miss Bimbo: Sorry. I couldn't resist. Take it as an early Halloween scare then =P

@creax: =D