Thursday, June 12, 2008

MSN Emoticons

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Everyone who uses MSN Messenger would know the trend that is known as emoticons.

Now, emoticons to me are cute little smileys to inject at the end of your sentences to ensure that your tone of voice gets across to the party on the other end particularly when it comes to insulting-sounding sentences which you intended to as a joke instead.

The '=P' smiley. Helping people get away with insults since 1982.

Then came the creation of ANIMATED emoticons which was more popular cause your smileys can actually move ok so cute!

hi5 smileys hi5 smileys hi5 smileys

Examples of animated smileys

And sadly, that's where everything started spiraling OUT OF CONTROL. Nowadays, EVERYTHING can become an emoticon. Cows, alphabets, insects, celebs and tiny brown unidentifiable objects like this:

wth is this supposed to mean????

As if seeing a pageful of blinking sparkly animated emoticons is not enough to give you a pounding headache, you now have to DECIPHER your friend's sentences. Like what I had to do when I was chatting on the net the other day:

Why hello there Kakashi! wth are you doing here? Konoha don't pay you enough as a ninja hia so now you're selling out to be made into an emoticon izzit?

And as for the last sentence, what is that supposed to mean? So nerdy? So in need of glasses? So bright till I need glasses? So help me, my glasses is falling off? So blind maybe???? I had to right-click and save to see what the stupid icon stood for and apparently the saved name was 'cool'. Oh....why not BLACK sunnies then? But seriously, do you even need an emoticon for that?!!

Apparently yes because if even plain old alphabets below needs some zhng-ing up then why not WHOLE WORDS???

asljklasdasag how does a hand evolves into a 'W' I also don't know and this is just the tip of the ice-berg and you should see some even more pro emoticons users where the ratio of normal letters to emoticons in a sentence is 5:26 ok and seriously they might as well speak to me in Swahili for all I care as the amount of time I take to translate their emoticonated sentences is about the same.

In fact, since it is soooo popular *sarcasm* I shall now blog in emoticons. Just you watch and see, I am so going to be known over the world as the FIRST EMOTIBLOGGER ok!!!! wth I just coined a new word can?! XP

Now, I present to you my FIRST EVER emoticon-ified blog entry below. Enjoy! ^^

I am so I shall attempt to blog using emoticons. Because is t ped up a milk last and am feeling very happy because u kw how much I love milks right S to Ammy yesterday and he is so nna me later cause I have yet to her present . , my tupid mouse died on me weeks a and Ammy haven't me buy a new one yet. So now I feel like bing something t. , Arron Yan so can Feel like ping class next week cause my er finished and I'm very without it. , shall as I've w. .

Now, wasn't that fun? Did you managed to get everything I wrote? I tried to eliminate enough emoticons already you know. Do tell me how long it took you to decipher my sentences =)

Oh, and since I don't want to be blamed for making you bald with all the hair-tearing as you try to figure out what I was trying to say, here is the decoded version:

I am so bored I shall attempt to blog using msn emoticons. Why? Because words is not cool ok!!! Whipped up a milkshake last night and am feeling very happy because you know how much I love milkshakes right! Spoke to Ammy yesterday and she is so gonna kill me later cause I have yet to mail her present lol. Argh, my stupid mouse died on me 5 weeks ago and Ammy haven't help me buy a new one yet. So mad now I feel like beating something too. Oh, Arron Yan so hot can?!!! Feel like skipping class next week cause my blusher finished and I'm very ugly without it. Fine, shall stop as I've got to go now. Nights.

So how did you fare?

"Emoticons is the new talk babeh!!!"

No really, emoticon-abusers should be shot. XD


Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, so many emoticons...
I din play emoticons while I used MSN... haha...

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Hana!What happened to you?
So many MSN Emotion =S
So Emo?

sharon (^.^) said...

hahaha nice nice.. was tryin to solve and get what u say wib ur emoticons.

many cute ones!

hana said...

@Akira: Gooood cause I really dislike emoticons so annoying can have to take forever to figure out what the person is trying to say -_-

@jeromefo: Because I am irritated at people who uses emoticons and never chg the saved names so I have to see them pop up in the middle of a sentence for no reason at all haih.

@sharon: LOL and how did you fare? Ah take the cute ones then lol.