Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Har? Petroleum Jelly For Skin Meh???

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
OMG I think I am the most suaku for not knowing that petroleum jelly is some kind of skin ointment wth.

For all these years I seriously thought it was some mucus yellow grease people use for motorcycles to make the engine run smoothly but PETROLEUM jelly bah what you expect me to think then???

Then one day 2nd sis was like all Hannah you should use petroleum jelly on your lips and I was insulted cause wth do I look like a rusty car to you? *miffed* Till she explained what it was and understanding finally dawn on me and I now realized that all the people who told me they use petroleum jelly on their faces over the years are not freaks like I thought they were *sheepish*

In fact, petroleum jelly is super awesome lor better than my lousy lip-ice which still leave my lips chapped after multiple applications. Now my lips are all soft and shiny yay! *kisses tube of jelly*

Oh I also thought Vaseline was purely um lube for um that. Which explains why I nearly strangle my sister and every suspicious guy within 50 feet radius when she told me she wanted to buy some Vaseline the other time we went shopping.

And thus I was given a lecture by her on the spot that how its a lotion for skin blablabla etc.



Anyway, on to other things like FORTUNE COOKIES!!!!

First time I hold a real fortune cookie haha I bet half of you guys never. Or do you? That means confirm I really most suaku then =(

And yes lah my nails super short cause I snip them all off after my family keep complaining I hurt them with my chio but pointy nails everytime I glomp them. Baaah.

Ok I have 2 cookies and I don't know if it's against the rule in the cookie world of fortunes to have 2 at once but whatever so here goes my first:

HAHAHAHA!!! Mystery!!! I LOVE MYSTERIES!!! Maybe later in the week you would see me blogging about masked ninjas climbing through my bedroom window leaving me shuriken flowers and love notes written in blood wth.

Yes I have an overactive imagination hohoho I should so start writing books though I doubt anyone would read.

Ok 2nd cookie and mind you, those cookies are YUM! Like 'kuih-spit'....ok fine I don't know how to spell it and knowing well how full of fail I am I bet I probably got the pronunciation wrong too -_-

Neh, the cigar shaped um thingy which is hollow in the middle where you always eat during CNY that taste like eggs and sugar and um yellowish brown in color very crispy one and got flowery designs on it. Me and 2nd sis always pretend it was a cigar when we were younger. Haih I fail at descriptions so if anyone knows what I am talking about well, lucky you.

"Please let it be money. Please let it be money. Please let it be money..." *chants endlessly*

Because I need money ok cause I discover that my money is DISAPPEARING FAST and I don't remember spending that much (or did I?) so boohoohoo I now lock myself at home and refrain from looking at all the junk mails where HUGE MEAT PIES and various other pies are sold at 6 bucks each *salivating*

And I discover how easy it is to shop online also when I bought Ammy's present online the other day and within 3 days it would be delivered onto my doorstep just like that and my money gone just like that without me even SEEING it DISAPPEAR.

The many downsides of living here haih not including the endless telemarketers calls which drove us crazy the first month we moved here.

Nevertheless I still love it here and finals are this week yay semester coming to an end and hello summer hols!!! =DDD Eh? FINALS are this week omg what am I still doing here blogging ok byebye I have to go hit the books now =P


Anonymous said...

fortune cookies?! cun ka d prediction?

lol... i thaught only our ancients in china lyk 2 sms using mooncake.

Hana said...

the predictions? no, don't think so =P It's just for fun.

sms using mooncakes!! ahaha, how nice if mooncakes would have hidden messages in them like those ancient times =)