Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dogs & Berries

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Went to a professor house for some semester-end party and he has a fruit orchard which I didn't take any pictures of cause nothing was in bloom except for the blueberries:

It's still green cause it's not riped yet.

These on the other hand are the riped ones:

I never knew blueberries were that small!!! I thought they were the size of cherries o.O It tastes like a cross between grapes and strawberries.

He has a black Labrador too. His name is Midnight.

I have a secret. I am afraid of dogs. I mean I do LOVE dogs just not street dogs nor people's dogs because I don't know why they like to play with me so much -_- I don't know why everytime I go to people houses and of ALL the people there to chase, they have to chase me ok and everyone seems to get a kick seeing me running for my life going 'Eeeeh, it likes you a lot Hannah and he normally doesn't like people' while I am screaming for help at the top of my lungs -_-

Yes Sha I still don't really forgive you for that time you stood there laughing at me while your terror of a puppy chased me at high speed all the way up to the sofa I jumped onto for dear life hor! Your 2nd puppy was so slow and fluffy looking, I was so delighted until it started nibbling at my legs!!!

I really dislike it when friends always go 'Funny, it likes you a lot and wants to play with you!' like some kind of compliment to brush off my worries la wth I am STILL AFRAID ok and I don't care if your dog wants to marry me just CALL IT OFF when I beg you to ok omg please please please....

If it just licks me gently and let me pet it while keeping still like the rare few dogs I've met before then I'm super happy but nooo, most have to follow me wherever I go trying to paw and lick at me furiously and I am so damn afraid that in the middle of their licks, they might suddenly think I am a slab of meat in that little doggy brain of theirs and proceed to sink their teeth into me ok *scared scared scared*

But this dog turns out to be on the ok side (after he had his dinner) heehee =D


I'll give anything for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi ok!!!!!!!

I want my KonKon *rawrrr*


Anonymous said...

i like d last pic. so cute...


Hana said...

i know right?????

I waaaaaant a dog.


I wonder when can I finally get a Corgi *sigh*