Sunday, June 1, 2008

Los Angeles Chinatown

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Took the train for the first time yesterday with my mom to go shopping at Los Angeles Chinatown.

No, I don't mean a choo-choo train complete with all the smoke and everything ok what era you think we are living in now ar? Though I admit my first thought was that and was secretly disappointed when I discover that it was something like an MRT *pouts*

Better than when I go holidaying in Singapore though where everytime just when I was about to enjoy myself happily sitting in the MRT, the stupid intercom have to go 'Dhobi Ghaut' and I have to get off *grumbles* Less than a minute la ok so no fun one staying in Orchard Road as all the shopping areas are so near to each other.

At least the train ride this time takes ten minutes or so. Can see the town wheezing by also instead of dark underground tunnels =)

But the station is very rundown compared to Singapore's ok. Heck, I didn't even know that was the station until someone pointed it out to me -_- Only 2 ticket booths, an elevator and ta-dah your train station:

What la I thought America very advance one. Apparently not. At least not in certain areas like cable TV which totally suck compared to Astro. I miss my Astro =C

Oh oh! And unlike Singapore where you have to tap your pass on some pass-tapping-machine-thingy to go through, here there is no such thing. Plus no one checks your ticket again -_- Wth can like so cheat by not buying one leh! Everyone says that sometimes there would be a ticket officer and if you get caught you would be fined but really........I think I could probably get away with it if I didn't have a conscience.

The train station in Chinatown super unique one. The only station with Chinese roofs =) Apparently, taking the train is super common here and heck there was even a groom, bride and her entourage of bridesmaids in the train with us ok!

I've decided that I shall ride the train to Hollywood and Universal City during the Summer hols ha! I just hope I won't get lost and end up in NoCal later. Though I think the trains runs throughout SoCal only. Or they don't? Have no idea. Would mostly likely end up in a different state if I were to drive haih.

Quite cool la to have all their banks designed in a Chinese style =DDD Got another one also but I lazy to take pictures. And apologies in advance if my pictures are sucky cause I have no skill in arts ok.

The place where Rush Hour was shot. Or so they claimed. I have no idea because I don't remember details like that. But I did see Hollywood style cameras in that area lol.

My grandfather ^.^

Don't you just feel the Chinese-sy spirit of the place??? =DDD

Like Beijing la ok agjlskakdads like in the storybooks too!!! *happy*

My palace ok because I am actually a princess in real life and you don't know it only cause I don't wear those 'Huang Zhu Ge Ge' headgear nia.

What you mean my palace so cheap you want die hia?

Got another extension to my palace and a pretty garden somemore can?!!!

Got pond also ok now shaddap and bow =P

Like super pretty hor Chinatown!!!! With it's ancient looking buildings and scenic views. No need go Beijing liao! Right? Right? Right?!


Cause all those pictures I took? Were limited to like a really small area only and 100 steps later the whole picturesque square comes to an end and you're thrust into a cheaper imitation of the India Street back in Kuching wth.

And I shan't go back there ever again cause the people there are freakin rude they really tick me off badly. I suspect they are all from Hong Kong since they mostly speak Cantonese and when you talk to them in Mandarin they immediately turn away from you while shooting some sarcastic reply back to you in return *mad*

Stupid store owner of some lousy dusty cheap grocery shop and her equally rude customer dare mock my mother again till I grab my mother's arm and dragged her out of the shop while exclaiming loudly how some people are so chao kuan before glaring daggers at them. Would NOT stand to be bullied in my own country by some immigrant hor! Don't care if same race! Not like they look at us like one of their own either wth. Still seething at the memory of the whole exchange.

Will shop in Alhambra from now on as the Chinese there are all rich Taiwanese with impeccably good manners and know how to treat people with respect.

So you want to know how Chinatown really look like? Here:

Sorry. Wrong Side.

*takes picture from another angle*

More like it now....

No it is not a chio looking town ok in case some of you think it is for some weird reason. It's like a drastic change from the area I am living in where everything is so neat and pretty and symmetrical.

Look! A whole lot of school buses!!!! lol

The buildings at the back belongs to downtown Los Angeles and not Chinatown lah ok. Hollywood lied to me. I always thought Chinatown was some interesting place with delicious smelling Chinese restaurants at every corner and festive lights everywhere with people milling about gaily.

Am sorely disappointed ok =C

If you ask me, Chinatown is not worth going to except maybe to visit that pretty picturesque square just so you can snap photos and say "I've been to Los Angeles Chinatown!" because the rest of the area is just pitiful looking and the merchandise prices jacked up higher than everywhere. Not to mention the super rude people!!!!

The only interesting thing I found in one of the shops were these:


Omg I had the greatest urge to cook just by staring at all those pretty kitchen utensils! If I were living alone I would probably buy the entire kitchen set la ok even if I cannot cook.

But...but...but if got pretty baby pink woks I would be so willing to learn ok!!! ^^

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