Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Classic Car Show

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For those of you who are wondering how I am and asking for updates, I am super friggin busy omg why did I take Summer classes?! WHY?!?!?!

It's like 16 weeks of classes crammed into 6 short weeks and I see the syllabuses I wanna faint also, so many papers, assignments and tests in a short period of time. Plus I also kinda regret taking political science now seeing as I know ditto about anything that's going on around me and when asked to describe myself politically I was all 'HUH???' and gave some really crappy answer about being 'politically neutral' which is just a nicer way of saying 'politically ignorant' lakdasahalasda why me?

And I intend to keep up my 4.0 GPA so anything that gets in the way of that would have to wait. I don't know about the rest of you but here an 89 means B already ok and I don't care if B is considered good to them because from where I came from, B means lousy and I would probably feel super crappy for weeks -_- So I might not get to read all you guy's blogs as fast as possible or being able to update everyday or replying comments asap so please bear with me until the 6 weeks are over.

Worst of all is that my family are now having fun at Knott's Berry Farm -an amusement park in Anaheim- and I cannot go because I have classes!!! *mad*


I know I promised to blog about the Pasadena Chalk Festival but I don't have time to go through all 300 pictures of it atm so I shall just blog about the Classic Car Show held on the same day first ok? I have like a backlog of other posts too haih T________T

Antique cars I've only seen in cartoons and seriously I don't know why am I blogging about this either since I know squat about cars so I have no idea how to make this post remotely interesting =C

But if you're a guy then you might enjoy viewing the pictures since my daddy went all delirious snapping photos of every single car like all other males in the vicinity. I seriously don't get cars like I don't get gundams lol. The only car I get is a silver convertible which is my dream car and I don't care what model as long it's chio =)

Nice meh??? I bet it's older than me =P If cars were humans, this car would make a fine grandfather. The one with white hair, in slacks and a white shirt with a brown tweed cap.

This one quite sleek though. Anything black is sleek. And looks more expensive then it's supposed to look. Which is why I love black anything. Especially blouses cause I look slimmer in black kuakuakua.

Hahaha SO CUTE!!! It looks so edible! Like minty ice cream!

My very own helicopter. I told you I was rich XD Oh wait, ignore the police logo up there.....*covers logo up hastily*

Omg omg omg like the Cruella De Vil car in 101 Dalmatians ok!!! XD

Where fire came out from the side exhausts as she accelerate down the slope to chase the escaping dogs lol. No roof also! Nor doors! Hahaha.

I love metallic green also. Metallic green and black are classy colors imo ^^

The interior. Ok fine, I am starting to appreciate the beauty of cars also now that I look at it carefully. It IS quite pretty.

Royce Rolls or is it? This is by far the chio-est car there liao! This kind of classic car I also want! Oh, I apologize for my constant usage of Malaysian slangs in my blog but I can't help it. I don't speak like this here but if I see Malaysian/Singapore faces here I automatically revert to Malaysian English haih it's too hard to resist cause it's just so comfortable! No need formulate proper sentences ok!

I am running out of things to say.....except 'look! It's a silver car!'

The interior. I wish I took down the model names so I needn't keep stating the colors of the cars -as if people cannot see it's silver already- due to lack of things to say =C

Classic rock band which made me love classic songs after listening to them play. 70's rock songs are really nice leh! I like!!! Perfect for events like these =)

More cars and their proud owners sitting behind it. The one on the right looks like the typical scrap metal cars commonly found in Kuching leh *frowns* albeit in better conditions somewhat...

I crave a cappuccino after looking at this truck.

Cuteness. True what. I think I want a classic car or two in the future too =D

Interior of some car. Not chio cause it's too red for my liking *wrinkles nose*

Ok this is the last of the pics and I gotta run now as classes are starting soon. Yours truly have to WALK ok because petrol prices are super expensive now and all you Malaysians still don't need to walk yet I bet *sour* and it's estimated that the price would increase to 7usd per gallon by the end of this year.

aslklasdsa why hello Metro Gold Line and public buses! You would soon be my number 1 transport very very soon....


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Nice cars... this must be the "oldies auto show"... older than the '50s grand hits. Lol, I am only assuming.

Anyway, you better study smart, go for 90 above Hana. B is a crap!

I know for sure you are aiming for a grade higher than that... Piece of Cake for you girl =)

Prily said...

wow!!!!!vintage, classic, sleek, and all captivating... thanks for sharing!!!well-done!!!

Akira 思胜 said...

walau eh, so many nice cars!!! Hopefully I can drive one back too!!! Hehe... So classic!

sharon (^.^) said...

ooo i would like to have the purple one for my wedding next time


hana said...

@Brigida: I would have no idea what year they are from haha and thanks, i will do my best and get A's =DDD

@prily: thanks!

@Akira: lol yeah its gorgeous ^^

@sharon: lol the purple one. its cute i agree. i would like the black one though =P