Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthdays & Plays

Sunday, June 15, 2008
Am super busy these few days with various events so I'm sorry for all the overdue replies =C Anyway, here's to a fangirling-and-lameness free post for today XD

Celebrated 4th sis 10th birthday at Kononia Playground yesterday morning and man is it HOT. I think I prefer cold weather over hot because you can layer up when cold but you can't strip your skin off when you're hot ok.

Her friends and her stuffing their faces.

I am jealous at how easily my 2 younger sisters are able to make friends as soon as they arrived here while me and 2nd sis struggled hard to fit in. Being a kid must be fun. Every other person is seen as an extra playmate and there is no such thing as racial or social differences in their eyes.

No matter how hard we grown-ups try, we still find it easier and more comfortable when with people of the same race. I mean I still have fun going out with people of different races but somehow there is a difference when you're out with Asians cause you have the comfort of knowing that your cultures are basically the same and they can actually understand you without you needing to explain yourself numerous times when it comes to certain topics.

Ok enough ramblings ^^<

Shameless vanity pics because I was in a camwhoring mood that day and simply because I CAN =P I don't want smile with teeth cannot meh? My teeth not straight anymore ok :sadface: and I blame the dentist back in Kuching who said that it was useless for me to make it super straight because it would soon revert back after a few years.

Total crap ok cause by the time it becomes slightly crooked I would be MARRIED by then asjklasda so who cares anymore??? What I need is SUPER STRAIGHT teeth NOW ok to kao super hot bishies while I am still young and looking ajgsjkdsladkalgsah.

I like this angle can?! Shall use this angle everytime liao from now onwards hohoho.

Sure win way of guaranteeing fat-free faces in photos ok! Who needs photoshop anymore? Just suck your cheeks in! And shaddap, I don't want to hear how chio/pretty 2nd sis is ok or I will shrivel you up with my sourness hmph.

Gift bows are all the latest rage in LA now didn't you know? You can wear it as a belt buckle, a brooch or even as a cute hair accessory like what I am doing now hahaha.

Yeah yeah, I should smile with teeth cause it looks like I'm on the verge of tears agjlsakalgjkgsa I dislike my mouth, too short la ok haih got such thing as mouth extension surgery or not ar?

Attended a dinner cum play in the night entitled "Joe: The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man" and omg I now declare that I LOVE PLAYS!!!! SUPER AWESOME CAN?!?!?! Nothing like the so called plays I've seen before. This play totally blew me away and I had so much fun laughing my head off that night =DDD

It was held at our church as one of their 125th anniversary events and the ambiance was wonderful =D Oh the actors are professionals from um *tries hard to recall the name* um ah *gives up* A-- something University and performs all over the state. Or was it country? *frowns* Can't remember. Anyway, I love the churches here, so warm and friendly and just simply lovely =D

Food is love ok. Super delicious! Forget about dieting. I need only lose just a little bit weight then I can become like Crystal Kay liao. I love Crystal's body la ok so chio I want I want I waaaaant...

Start of the play....Very funny (not haha funny but oooh funny haih what am I talking about -_-) hor the play cause that guy is acting as the narrator yet at the same time he is also part of the play so the line is kinda blurred, which is awesome cause by doing so, the audience feels like they are a part of the play itself.

Joe is the last guy in the blue cap. He is SO DARN CUTE hor always fumbling around, trying to excel but falling short, idolizes his dad, always trying to be the nice guy to make people happy alsskdadjalsa I love guys like this can can can???? Imperfectness is perfect =)

He has cute looks too and I'm sorry I couldn't take better pics cause I was too far away and my dad's camera is plain sucky and mine ran out of batteries =C

Ok here are some lines I love which I remembered and is short enough for me to write down cause there were so many good lines I can't possibly write all lol.

Airhead: I'm going to Berkeley!! But I want to go to Pepperdine cause hot guys are blablabla

Friend: So what are you studying?
Airhead: Study??? There is studying?
Friend: *rolls eyes* I mean what course are you taking?
Airhead: Oh! I'm taking journalism! I guess....*frowns*
Friend: Oh that is perfect for you!
Airhead: Really? *beams*
Friend: Oh yes, everyone knows that journalism is nothing but.........organized gossip XD

Settling divorce papers cause his wife ditched him while he was in the army.....
Office woman: *stamps papers 4 times* ok done! NEXT!
Joe: That's all???
Office woman: What'd you mean that's all? NEXT!
Joe: Wait! You mean divorces are that easy??? How can that be?! It shouldn't be like---
Office woman: Hey don't blame me, you killed the marriage and I just bury it. NEXT!

and no more cause there is just too many and the best part was Joe babysitting the pastor's teenage daughter who is suffering from short term memory lost due to a car accident. Omg, most hilarious scene and script I have ever seen and heard before in my entire life ok! XD

But it's not a comedy but in fact a story about a guy who suffer so many hardships yet still persevere in God. They are so good, they make me tear up ok it's like watching a movie omg I never knew plays were that awesome!!! Love love love~

Anyway, one last final pic to end this post:

Me and daddy dearest
Ah what the heck, crooked teeth or not, shall just smile WIDE WIDE cause I am too happy to care how I look like anymore.


Akira 思胜 said...

Nice celebration with your sis ya...

Happy Belated to her....

and wish her all the best~~~

Akira 思胜 said...

Oh ya, forgot to tell you that, you are pretty too!!!

Mei-Wah said...

pretty hana... sweetie hana, how are you? (^________^)

being a kid is always the best - no stress, no racist, no tension, no headaches....

Sylvia said...

hi! dropping by.. hope u can check out my site! :)

hana said...

@akira: thanks! ^^

@Mei-Wah: I'm fine....well, trying to survive tru the Summer XD yes, being a kid is the best HAIH. somebody gimme 'turn back into kid' potion please?

@Sylvia: hi! thanks for dropping by. Will do so later.

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Hey, your teeth look okay... I saw it from the last photo you posted.. WHo said it looks terrible?

I used to have retainer before you know, but now all my teeth are looking good.

Prily said...

great time!!!i wonder how baby spinach and strawberry taste like?sooooo nice photos!i love them!

sharon (^.^) said...

oo u're from kuching.
lucky girl to move to there. experience life there as well.

strawberry summer salad makes me hungry rite now!! *urgh*

hana said...

@brigida: ah its a little crooked and you can't see it cause the pic is small lol

@prily: it taste great! thanks for the compliments too ^^

@sharon: lol the salad makes u hungry? i tot maybe it wud be the chicken XD